Dave Schmidt – The Illusion Of This World : A Follow-Up – 15 June 2012

(Lucas : I have forgotten to post this yesterday. Here it is  Dave’s follow up.)

It’s amazing to see how Spirit will develop themes that come our way for a week or two.  Two days ago I wrote an article regarding the illusion of this world.  It had been brewing in me for a couple of weeks through my own reading and noticing the messages in various posts.  Then yesterday Saul follows my message with what seems to me like a masterful response.

In my post I talk about the world we live in as nothing more than a perception of our thoughts. That’s why it’s an illusion. It’s not real.  It’s our ego mind that keeps us from being in the divine moment all the time.

The presence of the divine love is so strong that it would be a horrific shock to the physical systems of our 3D bodies to be there 24/7.  That’s why this awakening process is a long task.  We take each item one step at a time as we gradually awaken ourselves from the dream of this 3D world.

Sometimes it seems like three steps forward and two steps backward in life.

With that comment I need to confess that in my article I feel subject to the two steps back.  I had mentioned an ordeal with a friend and how I had perceived her reacting to a situation.  After the article was posted another wonderful friend gently pointed  out that I was guilty of the very thing I was perceiving.

Another basic principle of A Course in Miracles is the principle of projection.  What we see in others is what’s happening within ourselves.  If I’m seeing less than divinity in someone else it’s because I’m projecting the less than divinity I’m experiencing in myself.

In other words, you are my mirror.  If I see nothing but the fullness of divine love in you it’s because I’m experiencing the fullness of divine love in myself.  If I’m seeing less than divinity in you, if I’m seeing all your warts and blemishes, it’s because I’m experiencing my own warts and blemishes.

So, I confess…..I was guilty of living in the illusion, but more important, I confess….I am fully forgiven.

All of us are fully forgiven and released as that is how all of divinity sees us.

I’m taking my three steps forward again, moving toward seeing myself as Christ sees me; whole and innocent, fully divine.

It’s nice to experience one’s self waking up from the dream.  Life feels so much better that way!!!

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