Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ The Truth of You ~ 14 June 2012


Greetings fellow Lightworkers, my sisters and brothers of the Light!

I come before you today to speak of Truth. This has many meanings and connotations in your 3rd dimensional world. I would like to go beyond that and talk of the supreme Truth, that which comes only from the Divine Essence of you, dear Ones.

Take a journey with me today, dear friends, into the realms of the unknown. At one moment in your distant past, you chose to ignore and abandon the Light that was you and ventured out into an adventure, an experience of how far away from the Truth you could go, to explore the possibilities of what was unknown and not familiar to you at the time.

You were perfectly willing and able to break away from the Truth of who you really are, all the while knowing deep down that you would return one day to your full glory. For, what you encompassed at the time of departure and separation from your True Selves was a complete knowing of that Truth, that you were complete and Whole and One with Source. You were completely immersed in that Divine Wholeness at the time and you knew it so well.

As you ventured off into new possibilities of creation, you veered farther away from the Truth and so the veil was created. You had your experiences that could only be fully experienced behind that veil of illusion, away from the Truth of who you truly are. But you see, you never really lost the knowledge of who you really are; it is still you and the Truth of you.

The curtain is opening and cracks are being made in the masks that you have been holding so close to you. Behold what is underneath. Cherish it. Shine in the Light of it, dear Ones. For you are becoming more and more awakened to the Truth of your Divinity.

My dear friends, as you chip away and release the stranglehold of these experiences of duality, it becomes more apparent that they were just there for your edification and learning in order to grasp even more vividly what it means to be of pure Light and intent for the good of all. You are beginning to grasp the Truth that you were created to be in full synchronization with each Being in concert for the good of all, back to the Oneness that you once enjoyed and took as your Reality.

The Truth of it was never gone; it just slept, as you did. It is like you are suddenly discovering that a precious item you once misplaced is there right in front of your eyes, shining and magnificent in its true form. You are picking that up now and holding it close to your heart and because of your experience of living without it, you now value it even more.

Hold this new Truth of your Wholeness, of your Divinity, of your complete and unfettered connection with All That Is, close to your heart now. Let it be your guiding Light and purpose. Let it be all you know as Real. Let it be your journey now.

Be at peace with that knowledge, that sense of your True Selves. Everything else you have experienced or thought was true about yourselves was just apparatus to teach you about your True Selves, much like the purpose of a scaffolding surrounding a building, designed only to hold up until the building could stand on its own;  or the mold of a sculpture or image designed to hold the creation in place until it could be exposed to the Light; or like the chrysalis of the butterfly nurturing and protecting the newly formed body of the butterfly until it can break through and come out on its own.

Now is the time to really see that all those experiences, heartaches and traumas were merely there to give you material to enhance and forge and shine and polish the gem that you are, and always have been. The outer crust is breaking away to reveal what was always there, but now even better for having the experiences to validate the existence of your connection with Source, which never really was severed. It was just buried amongst the rubble of your experiments with illusion. And everything that is not of that pure knowledge of your Divine Selves, of your unbroken connection with every Being as an integral part of the whole of Oneness, of Source, is Illusion. Nothing else is real, and nothing else is the truth.

My dear friends, my sisters and brothers, you are well on your way to grasping this and we of the Company of Heaven hold you in high regard for your brave endeavors to shake off the last pieces of Illusion to reveal the Truth of you, that you are indeed shining jewels of Creation, loved and cherished by Creator of All That Is.

I bid you farewell for now, with deep love in my heart for you all,

Your loving brother, Yeshua

Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.  (Blog) (Website)


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