Tiara Kumara – Message From Elohim : Emergence Of Christ Consciousness – 15 June 2012

It has been confirmed by the Council of Elohim that we now have more than 144,000 people upon the Earth that are at least 5th level initiates and who have achieved and are now living in the frequency of Christ Consciousness.

Fifth level initiation is referred to as the “Resurrection”. This demonstrates full mastery over the pull of matter. We completely return to the Monad and merge with the Group I AM while retaining a physical “light body” form. This is the attainment of 5th dimensional consciousness which is characterized by the experience of oneness.

The 144,000 was the number needed to trigger the mass advancement of the race including the great domino effect among all other Planetary Light Servers, which now number in the several million across the globe. This 144,000 Christ Harmonic is able to greatly strengthen and raise the rest of us (and Humanity) into direct experiences of Christ Consciousness as we continue advancing in our remaining initiations.

The Elohim have impressed that many of us will be in the vibrational frequency of Christ Consciousness by the end of this year, 2012 with this being supported by greater levels of Divine Intervention. In other words, the momentum for the I AM Race world movement is on schedule.
They say that, as a group forcefield, we are activated and have advanced to sufficient levels of purity that our ability to create is more powerful than we even know.
They encourage us to create now in much bigger ways from the group consciousness and to take greater action out in the world scene, opening the portals of light in large numbers and in all geographical regions.

They also impress that the activation of the planetary Crystalline Grid is now fully accomplished to the levels that we and the Councils of Light were intending in relationship to its ability to support the Earth body ascension and its race advancement. They remind us that the vast potential of this crystalline matrix is infinite and ever evolving as is our own consciousness.

It is important to understand that our final initiations into Christ Consciousness, initiations #4-5 cannot be taken until initiations #1-3 are completed and there is unwavering mastery over the personality body and our free will is completely surrendered. Again, this is for our own safety in the planetary acceleration and also prevents any potential misuse of revealing power.

We will have the authority and accompanying ability to truly wield the elemental life and the Sacred Fire when the Monad, the Group I AM Consciousness, has full command over the personality body and we personally have reached the evolutionary phase of 4th level initiate.

While we have great support due to the planetary transition, we all still must do the required work. It is an exponential quickening which will spiral faster and faster. It is our survival to remain connected to the group field especially those who are still in phases of lower body purification.
The ascending group merkaba is absolutely pivotal to help us all remain stabilized in the flows of group support.

With all my love,
Tiara Kumara
Children of the Sun Foundation

Part of the 13 page booklet : “The Christ Consciousness and The Path of Innitiation”  from http://www.childrenofthesun.org link to PDF of  booklet and article above mentioned

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