Visionkeeper – Be The Light – 16 June 2012


There are so many dark happenings going on in the world right now. It is imperative that we all shine our light strongly, now more than ever. Think love, give love, be love in everything we do. Be a beacon of loving light! It seems it is only when we stray away from our heart centers that we begin to doubt and question and worry. Are we going to win this battle? Is all this way of thinking real or just another fabrication from the dark ones evil plans? This is very dangerous thinking and we need to stick close to our path and not venture off and allow in the doubt.

Wherever we can we must shine our light brightly into the darkness for surely there will be at least one soul who is listening and awakening. We can not afford to miss opportunities, we must try at all costs to shine our love and light and knowledge out into the dark musty corners regardless of what others think about us. In order to do this we must have a strong conviction about the path we are on and believe in who we are and in the power of staying in our hearts! If we can maintain this way of living we receive constant validation that this is the correct way to live. If we stick together and give each other support to continue on, we will do just that.

The solar flares and CME’s are creating quite a bit of strain on top of everything else we are trying to juggle. This opens the door for doubt and questioning to creep in. First of all it is so important to at least know why we are feeling different things, for when we know then we can understand and when we understand things we do not feel unsure. These are very trying times, no doubt about it, but we are strong and we must stick with it. As we change our ways of being just remember it takes a while to become that new way of being. It is not yet automatic and so we may at times forget or stray off the path and encounter unsettling feelings again. There has been such an emphasis on our minds, schooling, degrees, how smart we are, how will we use our brains. I think all of this was a well thought out plan to divert us away from our hearts and into our heads. We must find our way back to living and thinking from our hearts, for then all will be well.

This is one of the beauties of the internet as it allows us all to come together and can aid us in getting back on the path if we stray off, as well as providing us websites to learn from or just share our thoughts on, so we are not alone. We can spread the light far and wide and once someone’s candle has been lit, that flame will burn within them forever. We have much important work to  do. I hope everybody read today’s Oracle Report as it was very important. Looks like we really shift into high gear today and hopefully we are ready for this. I would offer the suggestion to be outside this weekend if possible so you can ground with the earth energies. Go barefoot so you touch her skin to skin and listen to her carefully. It is she who is telling us where to go next and what to do. Please listen.

Wherever you are located on the world map just know we are all connected and our combined energies have great power. Whatever we put our minds to will come about. I hope we all put our intentions on world peace, higher consciousness and open and loving hearts! I know we can do this and we will do this. Time to rally guys and get to work. We are being called and we must answer it. This is the most important summer of our lives and we must not slack off. We must stay alert and busy creating our new and loving world.

Blessings to you all,

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