Drake And The Earth Allies – The Time For Action Is NOW – It’s GO Time – 17 June 2012

Drake talked about this video on his blogtalkradio emergency announcement. His open letter to the military was also to let them know that they should come into action now.  Our galactic friends are now taking out and arresting the dark cabal. Where are they (“The Military”) as promised .  Look at the video I already had seen last week but did not post. Now the puzzle pieces fall into place. Look at it and listen then again to Drake’s announcement and see the open letter in that light written .

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This is a compilation of individual and collective declarations at the table of the Council of the Warriors of the Rainbow, with the off world forces of Creation, Creator, their children, the Supreme Being of Heart and Mind and their children. Let it be known that extractions of the cabal have already begun to aid those on earth on mission to restore the earth and free humanity. These extractions by off world forces, will continue until their extinction or their surrender before June 21st. (Not a channeling).

We are the Warriors of the Rainbow

http://americannationalmilitia.com/spirituality/ Here the video is also found on Drake’s own website.

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