Lisa Gawlas – As The Vibrations Rise And The Heart Expands, Discernment Is Crucial! – 17 June 2012

I have started this blog twice now in the last two days.  Both times exploding in information as I attempted to type out some words.  Life and the Light shining upon it is hitting a massive crescendo at this very moment, reverberating thru space and time thanx to the conjoined CME that hit the earth yesterday.

If the sun alone does not amplify Divine Counterpart energy arrival on earth, then nothing ever will!!

So many readings this past week or two has been the foresight of coming love. For some, it showed their spouse awakening to their true heart of spirit and becoming a conscious partner on their path of life.  For others, love waits in the fields of the coming days, weeks or months.  I have not seen a single person in the field of high vibrational energy within their heart stream, left out…

Life has waited with bated breath for THESE TIMES!!  I also believe we have waited so long for this arrival that it is hard to believe it is really here!!  I assure you tho, it is HERE!  Keep in mind, Light expands in waves.  So some may be feeling the intensity today, some last week or month, other may not feel it for weeks or months to come.  Like flood waters hitting one neighborhood before the one down the street.

Pure radiant love energy is flooding life as we speak.  Keep in mind as well, not everyone on earth is open to the purity of love and we are going to see many melt downs along the way.  We will also see many various catalysts to expand the hearts resistant to pure, unconditional love.

There is so much I want to share, bear with me if I seem to jump from one subject to the next.

I did a reading the other day for a beautiful lady about to meet to potentials on her life path.  I love the symbology of her reading and what it means to all of us.

I had seen her just after the magnetic sealant of energy coming into earth on the 20th.  She was walking (this has now been a visual in several readings) an outline of a golden staircase going even higher into the upper dimensions of life from her golden band of energy called The Love Frequency.  Underneath her first step I seen a few apples.  At first it looked like two apples, then three.  It shifted back and forth until I finally gave my full attention to the apples and then I understood.

First let’s get clear on what apples represent.  Eating the fruits of earth, digesting the pure wisdom of the eating.  Our true counterparts are of the pure and original tree of life and she is going to have two apples… men, cross her path.

One is indeed her twin, her divine counterpart.  I could see this because of the three apples under her first step of raising her vibration even higher, was an apple that represented her energy and wisdom.  I could see an apple that seemed conjoined to hers, two now growing as one.  Yet there was a third apple… this apple had a little olive-green worm in it.  It took me a little bit to see the significance of this display.

Thank goodness her the field turned her apples into potentials on her path of life.  The first one I had seen was the apple with a worm in it.  I could see the man represented by the wormy apple.  He was beautiful and situated on the left side of her path (associated with physical life.)  He had a subtle glow around him and surely was pleasing to the physical senses.  Then there was that other apple on her right (spiritual life path,) yet unilluminated by my field of vision.  I could feel him.  I could feel the presence of love thru him, but could not see him.

I kept hearing her team repeat quite a bit “lesson in discernment.”  The one I could “see” in light upon her life’s path is the one she would naturally be attracted to thru the physical senses, yet it is this other, that would normally go unnoticed by the visual cortex stimulation that is truly her vibrational equal, her divine counterpart.  Her up coming lesson is going to strongly be in discernment for she will one day teach and expand on the energy of discernment.  In these days and the years to follow… this is crucial for all.

Not everything (nor everyone) is as they seem.  Follow your heart, not your eyes!!

I have also read this past week for a partnered couple, which I find wonderfully kewl to read for couples at the same time in a reading…. just saying (smile.)  They are absolute divine counterparts in life and soul, their combined energy just reverberated the expanded feeling of two people loving from the soul into created matter.  (If you are wondering… yes there is a very different vibrational feeling when two people simply join life together without the soul agenda being consciously expressed.  That is not a bad thing at all, just different.)

As I took their Light bodies to the other side of the upcoming solstice energy, (seems to be the only place we can “see” with any clarity) this is when I had first seen those ascending steps of golden outline going higher.  Everything seems so condensed now.  Like the time-lines have squished together that they are becoming discernible.  Even now I hear we are expanding up, no longer out.  Which gives relevance to what I had seen thru them.

I could see his body in a golden outline of energy, however, it looked as if he was all squished up energetically… concentrated energy.  He represents the divine masculine, creator energy and thru this reading he has also shown what is happening in life.  Life itself is withdrawing into itself.  Its energy field holding a super high concentration of creative energy.

I had then seen his partner, the divine feminine play a game of leap-frog?  Well that is what it looked like at first.  She was situated on his head connected via her root chakra.  She, the dreamer of all dreams, expanded her energy outwards.

For them, this was all we could see together… their potential at hand.  Yet, the visual stayed with me.  With everything else unfolding within my consciousness these last several days, I really see and feel the bigger picture as it relates to Life and the love affair of spirit and matter.

The seed of the masculine, that which gives life to creation itself, that a drop in the heart of the dream, the feminine, gives birth to desire without delay.

Our earth mother, Gaia, is expanding in the fields of love, coupled by the divine child she just birthed and a heavenly father protective of his love child.

The sun itself is a shining example of this divine coupling.  On June 13 a CME rolled and rumbled for three hours before bursting towards earth.  The expansion of the divine feminine in all its glory.  One June 14th a CME shot out of the sun with rapid speed, racing to catch up with his beloved as they merged as one energy and hit the earth on June 16th.

At about the exact moment the twin flame solar flare hit earth, my beloved woke up from a sound sleep… his heart expanding so rapidly he was worried.  Later that morning, as I finished my sharing, my own body took to a rapid vibration from the feet all the way thru the head, lingering even into today as my high heart chakra reverberates the firing of the Love Frequency by the conjoined CME yesterday.


My first reading yesterday really told the story of what is happening.  I could see his flagpole (soul in created matter) and his Love frequency band of energy and an explosion of pure bright light upon his Love Band.  I knew this explosion… this high frequency light was the lighting of the fuse that will take us into the solstice energy.  This star burst of Light expanded deep into his (our) West field and radiated so brightly thru to the 20th.  I could not see anything else and that goes with all the other readings for the day.

The grid is on Fire!!

Just looking at his field for barely 10 minutes, amplified my own field of vibration.  I was in such a rate of spin from toe to head, I could not keep my senses about me…. so I took a bath!

I had written yesterday on my Living Shambhala blog about seeing the circle of light that is the beginning of the Shambhala energies now on earth.  Thru my bath yesterday I was shown the trunk of a now emerging Light Tree.  It is still an outline within creation, but growing day by day.

This is the true tree of Life in which we all need to take root.  A place where the serpent and the apple are not dangerous nor forbidden… but the pure kundalini of passion is conjoined and allowed to consume the pure wisdom of Life itself.

Life has just become REAL!!  The true Holy Matrimony of Life.  We are soon to embark on a Honey-Moon that will never end!!

Too all my brothers and sisters re-member-ing the joy and Love of Shambhala, I ping my glass to yours in celebration of this Holy event we brought forth together!

(((((HUGZ))))) of bliss filled wonder and love!!  Happy dancing on the fields of Shambhala….

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