Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 17 June 2012

Greetings dear ones.  We come again to wish you a happy ascension process.  Although many of you are saying it hasn’t been very happy lately.   We see  the Light of earth increasingly changing very quickly and it will not be long before the many changes you anticipate begin to appear.
Try very hard to let go of any and all concepts of how ascension  should appear. 
There are many  telling you that the changes are  going to happen this way or that or that you will feel and experience in a particular way.  Every person is individual and each has their own past life energies to clear and balance.  Every person’s  experience is going to be somewhat different from the next person’s although there will be some similarities.  The clearing  of old energies  can leave you feeling sick, tired, and discouraged.   Much of what you are experiencing  is old heavy energy from the long past; energies that you have carried  from lifetime to lifetime.  As this old energy releases, it is possible to  re-experience some of it.  Your job is simply to  let it go in your understanding of what it taking place.  Do not claim it back  with words like; “I am so depressed”, or “I am so sick” etc. etc.  Actually, it is fine to talk about this with like minded friends, we are saying be careful not to give it “life” again.
Trust dear ones that all is proceeding according to plan.  Go within more, and try not to be overly influenced by what is  presented to  you by those who pretend to know everything.  This is an  important part of reclaiming your power dear ones, for in ignorance you have given  it away believing that you didn’t have any power or a right to it.  External influences include new age teachers as well  as religious ones.  Some new age channels are not clear within themselves. Trust your intuition and if something does not resonate with you, simply do not go there.  As the frequencies of Light resonate on  higher and higher levels and the veil thins, many are starting to see and hear the higher dimensions, but if an individual choosing to channel is not  clear and resonating at the level of Light, he will bring through messages colored by his own state of consciousness.  His fears and beliefs will be a part of his message, so do not believe that everything you read or hear is truth. For those of you who wish to  channel, it is imperative that  you voice your intent to communicate ONLY WITH BEINGS OF LIGHT.
You are  manifestations of  Source–that Infinite and omnipresent Divine Consciousness that embodies within Itself everything real .  Everything within Divine Consciousness is governed by law and therefore can never be changed. That is why we think it very  humorous when  wedding ceremonies state; “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”  Whatever God has joined  could never be put asunder for it would be governed by Divine Law.  Remember this,  for it will help you to understand yourselves; that all that is true about the Divine is  true about you right now, always has been true,  and always will be. This is mysticism,  the journey of awakening that you are making right now.
What is embodied within this Divine Consciousness that I also am, you may ask.  Abundance, completeness, wholeness, intelligence, wisdom, life, and infinite qualities of Source that mankind is not yet able to comprehend.   All is consciousness, for it is omnipresent, and there is nothing separate or apart from it. Every outer manifestation is the material concept of a spiritual reality, a  facet of Divine Consciousness.   Now understand that all the qualities of God are  also your qualities because It is all there is.  If Source is omnipresent, where would something come from that could be separate from it?
You say that life certainly doesn’t seem that way.  No it doesn’t,  because your state of consciousness is still resonating with the false beliefs of duality and  separation. You are creators and are perfectly manifesting  your beliefs about yourself and the world. That is why we encourage you to take back your power, decide for yourselves what is right for you based on your new state of awareness, and let go of all that would hold you in bondage to what is finished be it friends, relatives, organizations,  or whatever.  It is time to stand on your own two feet and declare “I am that I am.”  and mean it.
You see dear ones,  that is all there is to evolution–the awakening and movement into the realization that I am, that I always have been, and always will be, but I forgot for awhile.
This a profound planetary shift dear ones, and most of you are doing a fine job of  it in spite of the often painful issues that have been brought up for you to release.
Go within more, rest in your center, and know that all is proceeding according to a plan that you cannot fully understand as of yet.  Pull back from anything and anyone that no longer resonates with you, spend more time in quiet contemplation and in nature.   Let go of all that feels old and finished, and trust, because once you have given permission to evolve and ascend, you are on your way.
We are the Arcturian Group

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