Montague Keen – 17 June 2012

My dear Veronica, it is never easy to accept that all that you had accepted as true is, in fact, false. The extent of the corruption is far greater than you expected. I tried to prepare you, by constantly reminding you that nothing is as it seems. Because people accepted what they were taught without question, they are now having difficulty accepting the truth. It is only when you have the full facts in front of you, that you can deal with the situation that has been engineered so that the corrupt cabal can take full control. Do not expect compassion from them. They are not capable of it. You have each got to be there for each other. Always remember, you are the 99 percent.

You had to deal with this, first-hand, when I passed to Spirit; now, you will have to deal with it on a world scale. They did not succeed in destroying you, and they will not succeed in the destruction of the world as you know it – you have my assurance on that. They have done much to prevent you from seeing what they are up to, but your desire for truth is so strong that it has opened the floodgates. Now you can see all the obstacles they had cleverly placed before you, to keep you as sheep: there, only to serve them.

I always said it had to start in Ireland. First, you had the Enda Kenny speech: giving notice to the Vatican that the country would no longer tolerate the abuse of children. Now, you have seen the Minister serving notice on the Vatican that Ireland is taking back all the schools and hospital buildings. These had been used to control the minds of the innocent children.

For years they used the threat of “the fires of Hell” to control generations of innocent people worldwide. But there is no Hell, and there never was a place called Hell. This should tell you a lot about the evil minds who invented such an idea. Fear was used to control the population.

You were shocked to learn that all sections of the Cabal come under one umbrella. On the surface, they are poles apart: this is what confused everyone, just as it was designed to do. You are dealing with an evil so great, which has been successful, until now, in controlling the masses. They will not go quietly. But go they must, for they cannot survive in the Light. As more of you wake up to the Light, it is causing them great problems, keeping their shape, etc.

Support each other. Sharing your research is paramount. Think of it this way: one candle in a dark hall will give a little light, it is true, but thousands of candles will totally obliterate the dark. This is the process you are involved in. It is necessary for everyone to contribute to the whole. Step out of the Illusion and into the real world. Stop being hypnotic robots. When you see clearly the extent of the control which the Cabal had over every aspect of your lives, you will be deeply shocked. So much can be achieved when good people come together as is happening now. By working together, every country in your world will benefit. You are taking back your planet for posterity.

Everyone is going through subtle changes. Many of you are aware of these energy changes. Your bodies are being reconfigured. Forget all the false information regarding health and well-being which has caused problems for many of you. In ancient times, people ate sensibly. It was good food, grown naturally. They lived to be a good age, without the health problems you see all around you today. Chemicals destroy the Earth as well as the goodness of your food. This is precisely what they are supposed to do, as the Cabal makes a lot of money out of your illness. When you are ill, you concentrate on surviving: this keeps your mind off other things.

The future is magnificent. You are almost there. Just a question of dealing with the final desperate attempts of the Cabal to hold on to its ill-gotten gains. All that is false will disappear from the face of the Earth. All barriers will come down, enabling your fellow beings from other planets to visit and bring you up to date with technology, etc. They have waited a long time to be re-united with you once more. Evidence of their visits in the past can be found on drawings on the ancient monuments all over the world. You, my dear, know this for a fact. You have been cut off from the Universe and you have been lied to about space. As you wake-up and gain full consciousness, all will become abundantly clear.

The investigation that one or two of you are undertaking is long overdue. Tom is the man to do it. It will provide the much needed evidence that is sadly lacking in this field.

Learn to look within yourselves and you will find many of the answers you are looking for. Television is used to prevent you ever knowing yourselves – it is a form of mind control. When all the knowledge is freely available to all men, then, and only then, will you be FREE. You are presently prisoners on your own planet.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

It is important to remember this. Take note of all the “Laws” that are being rushed through, to try to prevent you from seeing the truth. Never in the history of the world have men been so controlled. Why are you meekly accepting this situation? We in spirit, cannot do everything. We need your co-operation to bring this situation to an end. Peace and harmony should be your goal. Go for it !

Darling, do not take everything on your shoulders. You need to rest sometimes. It is understandable that you want everyone to see what you see. In time they will. The world is revealing her secrets: share them, research them. We will succeed, my love. It is happening.

Always your adoring husband, Monty. link to original article