Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Hatonn – 17 June 2012

There is a great deal of work that has already been done, and there is more to come, as you all know. As we are shown and inspired to what that is we will all see how it is that spirit works not only in our everyday life but in what it is that we have chosen for the coming times. We will also see that it is all the same, for we are all involved in the oneness that brings us to the harmonic resonance that gets things done.

As do this, we also see how it is going to be for us in the coming times. We see it in bits and pieces of our lives that grow and grow as we master the inner ways of living in the moment. We see that as we listen to our own voice and follow what it tells us then we see the differences in our lives come to a resonance that is ever increasing. We see how much we can accomplish in the interest of living and creating our lives as we desire.

It can be a rough road for some, as we work out the kinks that are still in place. This brings us to a better understanding of how to flow through these times with a better grip on things that come up in our daily lives. It is one thing to ask for help from our loving guides; it is quite another to know that they are always there and that they are supporting us as we make choices that gives us the power to create for ourselves, with our own inner guidance of our higher selves.

This is a time for so many who are on the fence. We can be the example for them of how to create our lives in our own power and not rely on others to make our decisions for us. That time is past; we are in the driver’s seat even more in these energies and it is all about being tuned in to how we make our physical vehicle operate and what we can do to supply it with the necessary fuel for living a truly blessed life.

It is time now to see what it is that can propel us into our blessed state, and to move forward in that power. Our beloved beings are always with us, and ready to take the wheel for us once in a while if we feel the need to take a deep breath now and then. Then they hand it back to us, and we continue on our merry way.

It is the Fathers Day to end all Father’s Days in the energy of the combination of Father and Mother at the wheel and combining the intelligence of the wholeness to create our lives in the ways of the ancients as they prepare the table of reunion in a grand and glorious way.Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate  link to original article


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