Steve Beckow – Vatican Charges – The Kind Of Difficult New We Can Expect – 17 June 2012

(Lucas :  Some time ago I was already reporting on the Vatican scandals and also the possible tribunal instated on the Vatican crimes against humanity in Canada as the native children have been victim to these crimes there. The crimes against the Dutch children in care of catholic institutes, hospitals or at catholic schools have been investigated by a Dutch Parliamentary commission and as new questions rose further investigation is needed.  The things come to light include sodomizing children, pedophilia, forced castration, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological intimidation and indoctrination, etc.  The row of crimes grows day by day as I already reported. Do not forget Germany’s, Belgium’s, Ireland’s , USA’s   and other countries revelations about the catholic churches wrongdoings and the catholic church is still hushing up and buying of their crimes with money to silence people or not to get prosecuted even if the mountain of evidence is over growing the visual heights. The vision of the channel Matthew  Ward, SaLuSa  and others are what Steve Beckow is referring to  in showing us that things also have been channeled or prophesied in that way.)

Geoffrey West in last Friday’s Cosmic Vision News (June 15, 2012) took on the task of addressing one of the most controversial topics of modern life – the corruption and criminality that appears to exist within the Vatican. (1)

His was not an enviable task and illustrates some of the often-shocking news we can expect to hear in this upcoming time of mass arrests and accountability.

He featured Rev. Kevin Annet on the show, who discussed the emerging evidence of the Vatican’s alleged policy of genocide against Indians in Canada.

These allegations join those of practicing and covering up pedophilia, secret societies, theft of art treasures, and operating an illegal financial empire that sources like Matthew Ward have been making public for years now.

Geoff enters waters that are surely controversial and may prove difficult for many to accept, particularly the Catholic faithful.

To lend Geoff credibility and support in his work, let’s listen to what Matthew has said about the Vatican. Matthew has been the most outspoken source on its character and alleged crimes. He told us in 2006:

“[Great] influence … is centered in the Vatican, with its pernicious outreach of virtual mind control over its religious adherents and ruthlessness in preserving its internal secret societies and untold wealth.” (2)

He described the roots of the Vatican’s financial empire in 2008:

“A few dark minds … established a monetary system among tradesmen that included loans at usurious interest rates, and despite later enactment of laws to prevent that practice, usury continued unabated and expanded to cover the globe. That played a large part in manifesting today’s shattered economy, but deception had a large role too. The concept of tithing was developed by self-serving early church leaders along with payment for absolution of sins; that fed their private coffers then and it continues to this day to add to the Vatican’s untold wealth.” (3)

In February of 2012, Matthew added the stealing of art treasures to the crimes the Vatican pursued in an explanation of how the Illuminati’s money would soon be restored to the people.

“The only people who will be affected severely [by NESARA] are those in the top ranks of the Illuminati, who have amassed unimaginably vast fortunes by illegal, immoral or tyrannical means. Their holdings—dollar amounts in your ‘multi-quadrillions’ —include banks and other lending institutions; caches of gold, silver, platinum and gems; multinational corporations; land and natural resources; their industry of ‘illegal’ drugs; and art treasures, primarily in the bowels of the Vatican.

“It is funds from those profit-generating holdings and the gold they have garnered and hoarded that will be brought back into circulation and distributed to eliminate impoverishment worldwide. The drugs will be destroyed and the trove of art treasures, which has been stolen or otherwise unethically accumulated, will be put into national museums and galleries.” (4)

Recently whistleblowers like Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have charged that the Vatican is a bastion of Luciferianism, a serious allegation. However Matthew has also been saying this for some years now. Here he is in 2010:

“Continuing investigations into the dark aspect of that huge youth organization alongside pursuing the Vatican’s long-time cover-up of known pedophile priests ultimately will reach the top of the Illuminati’s lucrative international sex slave industry as well as reveal that the headquarters of Satanism is in the bowels of the Vatican.” (5)

In June of 2012, he referred to the Vatican’s “cesspool of darkness” in repeating his charges of Satanism.

“Because the dissemination of accurate information is crucial, another good indicator of the light’s progress is that mainstream media censorship clearly is on the decline. For instance, even though the Vatican is one of the kingpins under the Illuminati umbrella, it now is public knowledge that investigation into the Vatican’s financial affairs is underway.

“Ultimately this will lead to uncovering the cesspool of darkness in that tiny sovereign state, including that it is the international headquarters of satanic worship and a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures.” (6)

In 2007, Matthew answered charges that he was singling out Catholicism. “If it sounds like I’m picking on that religion, it’s because its headquarters, the Vatican, has been the biggest hotbed of darkness from its beginning.” (7)

Revealing unpleasant truths about the Vatican is an example of the kind of revelations we can expect in this next period of mass arrests and accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, torture and other inhumane acts that have been committed and then covered up by a complicit media, judiciary, state, etc.

Let’s look at the difficulties presented by revealing the truth today of our history in matters like these.

It’s going to be a very difficult time when the truth begins to emerge, SaLuSa has said: “The full truth will come out … for your appreciation and understanding of the last century. It will be shocking and beyond belief for most people.” (8)

According to him, among the truths we’ll have to face is the plan in place to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion to 500 million, the survivors to be enslaved.

“Sooner or later you will have to face the awful truth of how you have been used all along, to fill the coffers of those who have for eons of time been the driving force behind your governments. The extent of their power will truly astound and shock you, and more so when you realise how a large proportion of the population was destined to be eliminated.

“With our coming that threat has been removed, but history will show that the lives of millions were nevertheless subject to their insidious plots.” (9)

He suggests that “you hunger for the truth as you come to realize that for eons of time it has been kept from you, and that much you view as your history has been fabricated to suit the aims of those involved.” (10)  Once the media are liberated from Illuminati control, the truth can be expected to come tumbling out.

“Clearly once the media is released from the control of the Illuminati, much that has recently passed and gone unreported will be revealed. For example the present task of bringing criminals to justice who have committed crimes against Humanity should be front page news but it is not.” (11)

Matthew advised us that it’s unavoidable that truth emerge.

“It is imperative for the creation of a peace-loving, honest global society that the truths emerge through legal proceedings based on irrefutable evidence. There also is the important issue of how much shocking information psyches can handle at one time.” (12)

Sananda Kumara, who overlit Jesus, cautioned us that we needed to prepare ourselves for this time, not least because others would turn to Starseeds to know if the accusations are true.

“Prepare your selves, my beloved, for the times that are fast approaching that will literally shake all out of their doldrums and awaken them to realities they thought only existed in fairy tales and fantasy or science fiction.

“Prepare by first becoming informed of the many atrocities that have been committed in the name of God or for misuse of power. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as so much will be revealed to you shortly. Many when they hear of these atrocities and ponder if they could be true, will reach out to those who may know.

“That, dear ones, will be where you come in, to assist those who are asking. As always, it is ‘ask and you shall receive.’ So as they ask, you will be there to assist in their awakening and to extinguish all the flames of mistrust that arise and to quench their thirst for truth.” (13)

The original plan was for truth to emerge gradually, Matthew reveals, but the dark has held on to power for too long to permit a gradual process.

“Originally the Golden Age master plan created by the highest council called for a gradual emergence of the many truths during the process of world transformation and spiritual renewal. However, the tenacity of the dark ones has created a time crunch of sorts, as many profound revelations still must come forth so that once again the peoples will know they are powerful gods and goddesses, inseparable parts of the universal family of souls.

“Even with considerable time to assimilate that ultimate truth, it would be difficult for many, and perhaps impossible for some, to believe it. Yet, that reality and many others of shocking nature have to be disclosed within a brief period so that myriad changes of a magnitude you can hardly imagine can be accomplished, and all of those changes are gathering momentum.” (14)

It falls to us to brace ourselves doubly. Like everyone else, Starseeds will have to weather the shock of hearing the suppressed truth of what’s happened on our planet – the genocides, world wars, weather warfare, chemtrails, pandemics and other strategies to reduce the population and seize control of the planet. But unlike others, Starseeds like Geoffrey will shoulder much of the task of explaining what has occurred.

Others like Patricia Diane Cota-Robles are assisting us to navigate this challenging time, neither turning our faces away from unpleasant truths nor taking matters into our own hands and going further than we should.

“During this momentous year of 2012, the Company of Heaven want us to clearly understand that indeed ‘All that is hidden must NOW be revealed.’ But it is imperative that the viable solutions to the appalling and shocking things being exposed are also revealed. …

“The need of the hour is for us to learn about the clandestine people, places, conditions, and things that have manipulated and controlled us, without being pulled into the fray or overwhelmed with negative emotions. That is easier said than done when we become aware that these things and the people behind them are responsible for a vast number of the challenges we are all experiencing, and most of Humanity’s pain and suffering.” (15)

She suggests that we have no other option than to hear the truth, but to hear it as objective observers and realize that the negativity that must be cleared is part of our collective heritage and collective responsibility.

“However, if we want to free ourselves from this oppressive situation so we can co-create the patterns of perfection for the New Earth and our New Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, we have no other option.

“We are One with ALL Life, there is no separation. That means that there is no such thing as ‘us against them.’ If we are going to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of God’s Infinite Light, we must become aware of all that is hidden so that we can transmute it back into Light. Then we will be able to take positive and peaceful action.

“Together we will clear the way and co-create a new paradigm that reflects our Oneness and the Reverence for ALL Life. But first and foremost, in order to get to that place, we must detach from the negativity we are learning about and observe what is being revealed to us as an objective observer. Never has there been a more optimum time for us to accomplish that mighty feat.” (16)

To summarize, then, Starseeds like Geoffrey West and Patricia Diane Cota Robles are tackling some of the difficult issues associated with accountability. Cosmic Vision News last Friday (June 15, 2012) looked at the web of illegality and immorality of which the Vatican is the center. Such coverage must come as devastating news to the Catholic faithful.

It exemplifies the kind of reporting that we may be involved in as we pass through this potentially-upsetting phase of accountability. Our sources have said that’s its imperative that we learn the truth of our history, not to wallow in it or to send us off on a vengeful course of action, but to have us complete our common history and move on, in Matthew’s words, towards “the creation of a peace-loving, honest global society.”


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