Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 18 June 2012

This week and for the rest of the month we will be in the extreme energy-field of awakening – a time of moving into the stillness of a quiet pendulum swing, getting ready to breathe ourselves into a whole new depth of potential, creating and remembering our direct connection with the essence of our sacred Souls. While the maddening crowds of unconsciousness continue to rally around a parade of discordant fantasy you will find more inner reality and truth coming to the surface. Don’t be surprised when it is hard to tell yourself falsehoods or to speak falsehoods as the Soul pushes up charged parts of Self in order that we each take on the New emergence.

While this month of subtle intensity unfolds it will be more difficult not to act on your truths, moment to moment. The old direction the planet was moving in is now becoming very foreign to those Souls bearing Light consciousness. We are poised near the end of a 9 year cycle that began in 2004; its purpose is to deliver a healing of duality and to reveal the power of the Soul living as a conscious experience. This week in particular becomes important as we stand on this energetic bridge for the Soul because on Thursday we enter a sacred turning point of the year that is also the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The heavens open as a collective force to support a utilization of creation that is adjusting the very foundation of human experience; shifting the consciousness of humanity and allowing any man, woman or child that desires to release the overlays that belief systems and conditioning have to drive the human psyche.

As you awaken to the interior creative Source within you will most likely be inspired by a lot of new ideas, as well as deeper connection to your dreams. You may also be able to see the outer world as if you were living in a dream. You may feel more lucid in your dreams than you do when with your eyes open at times. There may be more conscious guidance in your dreams. There will be more work going on in the sleep state. You may find that you need to sleep longer hours than has been typical. You may even find yourself nodding off during the day, as a dreamy kind of tiredness moves through you. You may also feel like you are losing contact with your reality in some ways.

You may become more aware in a waking state of your separation – all the ways that you have separated yourself from others and from the actual experiences of your life. If you focus on either the positive or the negative, you will create more imbalance. What you want to create is a connection to the middle point, the razor’s edge of life of neutrality. People have typically been afraid of neutrality, as it requires you to let go of your dramas (both negative and positive dramas). But it is being in the crown chakra and the root chakra in stillness that harmoniously anchors the Soul creating the new internal freedom.

In order to connect to the Soul, you must move into a place of stillness and neutrality. This is the only way you can know reality as it truly exists. Presence in the NOW, without agendas or resistance to one side or the other of life. Awakening can only exist in the reality of neutrality. This requires that you let go of your stories. Ask the Divine Mind to work with you for your highest good and healing of the separated self. As you leap out of your old history and into your Essence you will see where others are connected to their ideologies for a sense of self or belonging to the herd.

Those with agendas will try to keep US political issues, a floundering European economy, and terrorism in your consciousness. They want their agendas to stay in place so that they have control. They will make up stories to inflame, in a desperate attempt to keep your consciousness in fear so that you cannot become empowered or neutral. That is what they count on. They are threatened by the fact that the lower levels of the astral are breaking down. This is how they have been able to control mass consciousness in many ways. Don’t go there – reclaim your own mental and emotional balance, connecting to inner truth and they will not be able to control or dupe you.

As I stated earlier this year is near the end point of a 9 year cycle. We are no longer in a time of preparation. We are now in the energetic time of emergence and reconnection to all the eternal parts of Self. The first part was the breakdown of the outer/old. The last part is the integration of the New. This middle ground is the bridging point of the outer and inner realities, where you are learning how to become neutral. And it is your choices that will determine how graceful the process will be for you. There is no escape from this rise and shift in reality; it will be happening for everyone in unprecedented ways.

Towards the latter part of this awakening month, you may find yourself having bursts of energy. All of a sudden you may feel Light energy moving through you. This can be alarming, seeming to be anxiety. As it moves through you, it will hit your blockages, such as in the solar plexus. You have three diaphragms that will be affected (the throat, solar plexus and the anal region). It will help if you can breathe through the “crunch” times. Martial arts, tai chi, sacred dance, chanting and affirmations will also help to lessen the intensity upon the body.

You may also feel awakening in your heart space. You may feel warmth there, like warm water that is starting to flow out and expand the heart area. This is a time when some will deepen their experience of feelings on a consensus level, not just their own feelings. This is because the Soul is aware of being connected to all things. You will just get inklings of this at this point, depending on the curiosity of your own Soul.

This entire process of transformation takes a lot of energy out of people so you may have some exhaustion and even more pains in the body – particularly areas of the back, spine and shoulders, as well as the gut (digestive area). As the grids around the planet become activated with the energy to live a better, kinder life of wholeness the physical may suffer momentarily. Make time for self-care so that the body can also feel connected to God and Soul in more intimate ways.

In due time there will be a greater respect for the higher senses that are awakening and integrating. The ones who have been preparing will feel affirmed and relieved in these New days. Yes, showing up fully for the revelation of the Divine Plan will definitely be a Hallmark moment in our eternality! Listen – can’t you hear the angels and heavenly masters preparing for the biggest cosmic celebration ever?

Thanks for travelin the Universe with me and showing up to fulfill Infinite vibratory capacity throughout 3D,

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  1. sufi dance and sacred dance also awakens you and connects you to divine