Lucas – Do You Really Believe This – Greece Has Voted For A Bailout And Staying In The Eurozone – 17 June 2012

Greece poll: Pro-bailout party’s narrow win hailed = BBC News Headline

The narrow election victory of Greece’s pro-bailout New Democracy party has been welcomed by world leaders, who urged Athens to quickly form a cabinet.

The eurozone group said reforms were Athens’ “best guarantee” to overcome tough economic and social challenges.

The US stressed that it was in everyone’s interests “for Greece to remain in the euro area”.

The the anti-bailout Syriza party, which came a close second, said it would lead the opposition.

With more than 99% of votes counted, interior ministry results put New Democracy on 29.7% of the vote (129 seats), Syriza on 26.9% (71) and the socialist Pasok on 12.3% (33).

Greek voters went to the polls on Sunday after following May’s inconclusive elections.

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