Visionkeeper – Planting Flowers… Planting Love – 18 June 2012

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I was driving into town the other day and something sparked my emotions. I live in a very rural location, small narrow mountain roads, some still dirt which pleases me immensely, just a road sign or two at best. Down at the bottom of the hill is a Y in the road and in the middle of the Y was a planter recently filled with blooming flowers for the wildlife to enjoy and the few lost souls crazy enough to live this far out-of-town. It was a wonderful sight and it was such a nice thing for somebody to do, to add beauty to the world and lift up spirits. It made me recall how President Johnson’s wife Ladybird years ago planted flowers all around Texas, huge swaths of wildflowers to add beauty to the world. Imagine how beautiful the world would be if everyone was doing the same thing.

What moved me so, was suddenly realizing the love that was being offered to the earth. So many rape and pillage and poison her beyond understanding wherever they go without a thought of concern for her. Imagine the joy and love she feels when instead of having her trees cut down she has people planting flowers. If we are all truly connected and sharing the same life force, then the earth must feel the difference between giving and taking. She needs to feel our love and caring for strength to raise up her frequency and ascend. We can all do our part to embrace her and offer her beauty. Love is such a healing, powerful energy, if we go about the country planting our love for her with beautiful flowers wherever we live, she will smile with gratitude that we are finally showing her our love.

I don’t think a lot of people really take the time to understand and appreciate she is alive and in her own way can feel what is being done to her. We are so disconnected from her, from nature, from natural ways of living. We drive our cars and trucks all over her surface spewing gas fumes, cutting down her trees and pouring boiling hot tar all over her body. We build our towns and cities on top of her and poison her water, we have polluted her Oceans and killed off the marine life so we can continue to drive more cars and tar more roads. It is a testament to the dark ones mind control that we could allow this abusive behavior with little or no thought to what we were doing or at least fighting to stop it.

Thank God we are finally coming to our senses and waking up! I look at what we have obliterated in our quest to rule the world and control nature and it is shocking to think we were so lost, so disconnected, so oblivious to anything but ourselves and our lust and greed to have it all, that we sat blind as our planet was being destroyed. We have fallen so far from Grace it is painful to think about. To see what our sick leaders are doing to other countries is a disgrace, killing and maiming innocent people, tearing apart lives and leaving them in ruins. For every action they take to devastate and destroy we need to be taking actions right behind them to heal and mend so we keep a balance.

If you don’t want to plant wildflowers then take actions to go into areas of concrete and decay left behind by the dark ones and return them back to wild areas where life can flourish. Build community gardens to feed the hungry, put up a play ground where children can laugh and play, small sitting parks where people can go to be close to nature. No it is not fun to go behind the dark ones cleaning up their mess, but doing so not only makes us feel better and other people feel better, but it makes the earth feel so much better to  finally be loved!

I have planted flowers everywhere around my property this summer, 1. because I love to look at beauty and 2. because my small part of the earth knows it is loved and appreciated. I am going to plant a tub of flowers at the entrance of the road I share with three other neighbors. Perhaps they too will feel as I did when I saw the flowers in the Y of the road. It was uplifting and appreciated. I hope you can find ways to show the earth we love her and respect her. It is time we start to show her our love in large numbers all around the world. Let us make ascension a beautiful occasion to remember.

Blessings to you all,

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