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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – It’s Just Impossible – 19 June 2012

The off-again, on-again, off-again Telegraph writer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is back on-again with correct analysis in his post Greek agony drags on as Asphyxiation Bloc wins

Europe’s establishment is delighted by the victory of New Democracy and pro-asphyxiation bloc. This relief is unlikely to last much beyond today, if that. Continue reading


Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Visit Form My Dad; Update On The World Governments And How We Slide Into Home Base – 19 June 2012


[Hi Dad!! How are you?] Hi Suzy, I am well. Soon you will know this first hand, but universally you are in for a magnificent shift. People from the governments are waking up at a rapid rate. This is in part because certain leaders, who are wide awake, have spread the classified report of the time lines merging. The motivation for most of these government employees has been to follow orders. However now they are opening their eyes and hearts to  the light. This is needed to give the governments the go ahead for disclosure. Priorities are shifting and truth is in the light now. Giving heart felt love to the leaders and their support staff will give the momentum to the one inevitable timeline of Now. Continue reading

UFO Report Sighting – Chelmsford, England – 19 June 2012

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Thanks Andrea and The Galactic Free Press!

Arend Lammertink – Liberation Of The Rest Of The Wold After The Example Of The US And The Old Dutch Batavian Republic – 19 June 2012

(Lucas : I have done some research myself to find starting points for a constitution or case to make for my own Country The Netherlands. I see the Dutch Batavian Republic as a probable beginning.  Funny I had been talking about the constitutions and judicial and law site also with Geoffrey West a little while ago. He had ideas on producing a show on this.  I applaud Arend Lammertink for his  good info and extensive research. This article of Arend got published first  on Kauilapele’s website.)

Kauilapele : Received this last night from Arend, in the Netherlands. I felt it was to go out this morning. As I do not have a photo of him, I attach a photo from my current location.

Some of you will “get” the message here, and will know what to do with it. To me it gives a path to a vision we are all carrying, which is “Peace and Freedom for this planet… NOW.” Continue reading

Police Brutality Filmed – It Is Everywhere – 19 June 2012

Lucas : Here is an example of police brutality  in the so-called democratic Kingdom of The Netherlands – You bet they do it also over here. See the video and article below.

Policewoman filmed kicking drunk

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Rotterdam police are investigating an internet film which appears to show a police woman kicking a drunk man several times before he is arrested. Continue reading

John Ward – Breaking : German Supreme Court Rules Against Merkel On ESM. Will She Now Recognise The Rule Of Law? – 19 June 2012

Karlsruhe Judges…fancy dress, or citizen protection with teeth?

The Karlsruhe judges today found that the center-right coalition government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel had breached the rights of the German parliament by failing to sufficiently inform lawmakers during negotiations towards the creation of the permanent euro rescue fund, the European Stability Mechanism (ESM).

This decision is “a further important building block in a series of decisions by the Constitutional Court that strengthen parliamentary responsibility in the context of European integration,” the president of the court, Andreas Vosskuhle, said.

But is it? If – like the case for a Weimar ruling against Nazi violence in 1931* – it is simply ignored, then what good is Karslruhe?

The decision follows another that the court handed down in February, in which it struck down a plan to create a committee of just nine members of the Bundestag to decide in secret about emergency measures regarding the euro. Then too, the court argued that the entire assembly must be involved in such decisions.

But it did not declare an ESM unconstituional in Bundeslaw…even though it obviously is, because of the anti-fiat money printing clauses in the BundesRepublik constitution.

Ironically, the court heard the case based on a complaint brought by the opposition Green party. No members of the anti-Warmist Right were to be seen anywhere in all this. Equally ironic is Wolfgang Schäuble’s obsessive fixation with a hyperinflation that occurred under entirely different circumstances ninety years ago.

However, far more significant than any irony is the reality that the Bundestag and the upper house, the Bundesrat, are expected to approve the creation of the ESM when they vote on the issue on June 29.

The educated sector of German life needs to get on top of this…unless Germans want to change their nation’s name to ‘DDR’.

* In 1931, the German Jewish lawyer Hans Litten became the only ordinary German citizen ever to bring Adolf Hitler into Court and interrogate the future Fuhrer. Litten’s demolition of Hitler’s argument that the Nazis were a peaceful, democratic movement earned the lawyer years of brutal persecution.  His obviously valid case against the Nazis was undermined throughout the trial by a frightened Judge. He died in a concentration camp in 1939.

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Caro – The Blindfolds – 19 June 2012

There is so much beauty around us.
We are all one.
One with all that is.
I want to reach out to all the souls.
The time has come to be able to finally see the true beauty within each human being.

Open your eyes, open your hearts.
See, feel, experience the taste of freedom.
Unconditional love sets us all free.
Blindfolds are being taken off.
I can see them on the floor, lying around on the streets as people drop them while they walk. There is so much to discover. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – 3 Days Of Darkness Ramps Up The Need For Discernment In All Areas – 19 June 2012

Well happy New Moon to everyone.  The new moon is such a wonderful time for planting new seeds within your life.  So many of us tho, plant seeds of what we think we want in this moment.  May I suggest to use this very powerful, magnetic new moon energy to allow it to plant whatever seeds you need for your divine growth? Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Creating Home – 19 June 2012

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In times as insane as what we are living in right now, it is so important to learn how to live a peaceful life, to create a home life that feels safe and loving and represents who you authentically are. We all need one sane place we can go to that allows us to be ourselves, to go within and expand our lives into what we choose them to be. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – The Anomaly + 2x Gamma Burst And More – 19 June 2012

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