Caro – The Blindfolds – 19 June 2012

There is so much beauty around us.
We are all one.
One with all that is.
I want to reach out to all the souls.
The time has come to be able to finally see the true beauty within each human being.

Open your eyes, open your hearts.
See, feel, experience the taste of freedom.
Unconditional love sets us all free.
Blindfolds are being taken off.
I can see them on the floor, lying around on the streets as people drop them while they walk. There is so much to discover.

The veil is lifted.
We are back to where we come from.
We are within.
We are complete.
Peace, Love and Compassion are lived.
Believe it, be it.
Nothing can stop you from feeling compassion. Nothing.

Fear is an illusion, it is not us.
Love is.
Only the blindfolds made us bump into each other and get angry.
Now that they are off, we see, we feel, we realise.
Not only do we stop to run into another person, but we also can see their smiles, their shining eyes.
We wonder how we were able to not have seen them before.

We smile back with gratitude, knowing the smile will be carried on to another person.
Not only do we stop to walk onto others toes, but we open our arms, welcome them and hug them.
We don’t need to avoid them, in order to avoid confrontation.

We embrace them.

Love, always.

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