Jelaila Star – Weekly Message – Don’t Shoot The Messenger – 19 June 2012


Being a messenger for an off-world group such as the Nibiruans, is sometimes a thankless job.  Delivering last week’s message regarding Obama’s future role was one of those times.  Readers created a new record for just how angry and vulgar they could be.  Made me almost decide that this was no longer worth it….almost.
I was just going to let the firestorm blow over and maybe not do a message this week, but then I received a request to do one anyway, clarifying what had been misinterpreted. So, I’m giving this another shot.  First off, let me explain presidential soul contracts.
Presidential Soul Contract
Some souls choose to carry out a presidential contract during one or more incarnations.  Regardless of which “side” they work on, they are fully trained ahead of time.
But unlike a normal presidential contract, there are those that will have a unique twist to them in that they are carried out during times of great social change.  In such cases, the soul must be able to carry forth in the face of a firestorm (there’s that word again) of conflict far greater than normal.
This soul will be moved and swayed by the forces and people that have the most power at any given moment.  That will make them appear to be duplicitous and suspect at times.
We the people, have the power to determine the choices our president makes.  When we sit back and let others take our power we will find our president uses that power against us.  But when we stand up, not letting fear stand in our way, our president will do the same, making decisions that serve our best interest as a nation.
Because we are at the end of an age and on the threshold of a monumtal consiousness shift, we must work together with a higher understanding (meaning that we understand that we control the outcome).  We must move our president forward by utilizing the power of mass consciousness. What this means is as we clear our own fears, he will make choices regardless of how much fear is around or in him.  As we learn to reclaim our power by taking responsibility for our lives, our president will do the same, even when faced with threats on his life.
What I’m saying here is that our president will be a perfect mirror to us of how well we are integrating our fears and taking back our power…not in anger or with violence, but by acknowledging what the “dark” has shown us about ourselves..thanking it for the lesson and then saying, “go in peace now…I get it.”
If you have used the Formula of Compassion, you know that when you release someone from playing a dark role in your life, that person/soul is able to go in peace and, in some cases, return in a more loving role.
So, as we clear not only will our president make better choices, he will find himself surrounded by many who will support those choices…some of whom will be former adversaries.
In closing, the Nibiruans are not supporting Obama over anyone else…they offer no personal preference…they are simply giving us an update on where we stand now, and what the future could hold based on the patterns in play at the present time.  There intention is that by doing so we will be able move forward with a better understanding of the road ahead.

I hope this message clarifies their position.



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