Police Brutality Filmed – It Is Everywhere – 19 June 2012

Lucas : Here is an example of police brutality  in the so-called democratic Kingdom of The Netherlands – You bet they do it also over here. See the video and article below.

Policewoman filmed kicking drunk

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Rotterdam police are investigating an internet film which appears to show a police woman kicking a drunk man several times before he is arrested.

The man is leaning against a wall when the woman, with a blonde ponytail, kicks him, apparently in the crotch. She then kicks him several more times as he curls over.

The man is then placed on his stomach and handcuffed. Several passersby are heard shouting at the police as the arrest takes place.

Police are currently speaking to the officers involved and will only comment once, including the suspect’, has been interviewed, Nos television says.

The Telegraaf said later the incident began when the officers tried to move on the man who was sleeping in a doorway. He reacted in a aggressive manner and was then sprayed with pepper spray. Then the filming started.

http://www.dutchnews.nl link to article

link to video

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