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Global Voice Radio 2012 Blogtalkradio – Drake Update – 21 June 2012

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Greg Giles – Message From The Ashtar Command – 20 June 2012

There will be more proof provided to you that we are working with you at this time and as we move ahead together. It is at this time that we would like to explain further to you what our mission entails. Our mission entails a collaboration with you, our brothers and sisters of your planet, who we feel can benefit from our assistance in many ways and in some areas that we see as vitally important to the health and the welfare of your planet and your people. There will come a day in your near future where your planet will experience events that can be described as somewhat tumultuous, events that will present challenges for your people to overcome.  Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – European Crisis Summit Score 0-18 With Another Coming up June 28; Is Merkel Misinterpreted? Will The FOMC Move Decisively? – 20 June 2012

 Steen Jakobsen, chief economist of Saxo Bank in Denmark, asks via email: “Is Merkel Misinterpreted? Will the FOMC Move Decisively?”

The misunderstood Chancellor.

The market clearly believes Ms. Merkel will, ultimately, not withstand the pressure – and she will end up collateralizing rising debt. I remain extremely skeptical. I even dusted off my school German to read Der Spiegel and Focus, two major German weeklies, which give you a very different perspective. Continue reading

Philip Aldrick And Robert Winnett – The Telegraph UK – Europe Poised For Bail-Out Amid Warning Of ‘Lehman Re-Run’ – 20 June 2012

(Stephen Cook: Yep, that is the newspaper’s headline. But if you read further into this story you’ll see  a ‘Robin Hood’-style rescue package is now being suggested; in this case, where the richer countries come to the aid of the poorer ones in an attempt to even things out. Sounds like a far more balanced approach as we proceed through today’s Solstice… still not ‘debt forgiveness’ but certainly edging closer… I hope.)

Debt crisis: Prepare for Lehmans re-run, UK Bank official warns, as leaders poised to bail out Spain and Italy

European leaders are poised to use two rescue funds to buy Spanish and Italian debts in a £600bn bail-out, as a Bank of England policy maker tells traders to prepare for a devastating market seizure like that seen as the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

Cheap and ready access to the liquid assets that oil the financial markets are under threat from both state-imposed capital controls and flagging confidence in the euro, said Robert Jenkins, a member of the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee.

Read the whole story at : http://www.the2012scenario.com link to article / http://www.telegraph.co.uk link to original article

Corey Sturmer – The Golden Rule – Exclusive Discussion With “Cobra” On Gold And It’s Place In Human History – 20 June 2012

Cobra Transcript

On the morning of June 15, 2012 I sat down and spoke with COBRA, the author of Portal2012 which alleges to be the official outlet for the resistance movement, a group of freedom fighters working to bring down the international cabal we call “The New World Order.”  In his own words, Cobra explains who the Resistance movement is, and what they have been doing: Continue reading

Wes Annac – Solara : Intuition Abillities, Collective Ascended Experiences And Our Universal Evolution – 20 June 2012

Uploade on 19 June 2012 by . Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Amplification Of The Life And the Birth Of Shambhala. Happy Solstice! – 20 June 2012

A couple of days ago Rick and I went to one of the largest inactive volcanoes in the world, The Velles Caldera.  It is also where the head of the Jemez River starts.  I sat near the river, on a rock and tapped into the energy of the volcano and asked it to show me whatever I needed to know.

I seen the massive eruption of over a million years ago.  The lava spewing with huge chunks of rocks flying with it…  The passion of life that was out flowing from that intense eruption heated up my own body. Continue reading