Bill Ballard – Couple Of New Videos And His New E-Book – 20 June 2012

Hey Peeps,

Energies have really gone up a notch or ten this past week. ha ha, got to love it.
Hang on to your hearts because it will only increase in the future!
What a fantastic ride we are on!

Uploaded  on 19 June 2012 by We have been going through the spiritual rock crusher since the Venus Transit heading towards the coming dimensional shift. The 3rd wave of 144,000 leading the planetary ascension are now chakra and Light Body activated as was foretold so long ago.

Uploaded on 19 June 2012 by During the Venus Transit at Mt Shasta in the middle of ceremony at the StarKnowledge Gathering I took my 10th Ascension Initiation. I attempt a description of my experience here.

Uploaded on 19 June 2012 by 40 Day Events ~ 144,000 are now Chakra Activated on Earth ~ Expression of Ascension Initiations, Quitting Spritual Warfare ~ The Awakening Process ~ Ego Releasing ~ Felling the Illusion ~ Going All The Way

The new E-Book downloadable :  “The Great Awakening” by Bill Ballard

Here is the Link to PDF E-Book THe Great Awakening by Bill Ballard and Gillian Grannum




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