Lisa Gawlas – The Amplification Of The Life And the Birth Of Shambhala. Happy Solstice! – 20 June 2012

A couple of days ago Rick and I went to one of the largest inactive volcanoes in the world, The Velles Caldera.  It is also where the head of the Jemez River starts.  I sat near the river, on a rock and tapped into the energy of the volcano and asked it to show me whatever I needed to know.

I seen the massive eruption of over a million years ago.  The lava spewing with huge chunks of rocks flying with it…  The passion of life that was out flowing from that intense eruption heated up my own body.

Then I heard Gaia say “I turned myself inside out for you.” (you being humanity, not just me.)  She expanded on what that meant to her and to us.

The explosion happened from deep within her core, and her core is now my home, literally.  The Mesa’s that surround the Jemez area were created from the core energy of Gaia.  The tops of the Mesa’s formed from the ash that lingered in the sky, bringing down the seeds of heaven with it and created the tuffs of rock that hold both the desire of Heaven and earth together.

Last year, while living on the ocean in a hotel room in Virginia Beach for six weeks before returning to New Mexico, I started to see, thru readings, what I could only describe as the sun brightly glowing with intensity, but not from the sky down, but from within the earth up.  I also knew (because spirit said so every time I had seen this amazing image within the field of energy, this represented Shambhala.)

The first time I took a picture of the Mesa here in the Jemez Pueblo, my heart stopped. It was the exact image I had seen last year.  I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, my ascent into the energy and understanding was here in Jemez Pueblo.

As I was in my meditation with the volcano, it showed me a time when the lava and rock were in the cooling stage.  I could see the familiar black of volcanic rock but with a glow of pulsing lava still within it.

The earth told me there was life here at that time, and showed me who lived here.  A Being that was both in human form as well as a form of energy.  The energy body is so hard to describe, but it was shaped like a human, but semi-solid.  It could fluctuate, according to its needs and at will, back and forth to being solid like a human, and energetic like spirit.

The beauty that creature beheld… to pure potential of its dynamic…

The one thing I have learned with meditation, nothing is ever reveled without a reason.  I now understand that this radiant form of both spirit and human, is what we are striving to become once again.  It will become our Shambhala bodies, with all the energy and pure potential that entails.

Nothing ever becomes manifest on this great earth without the humans participation.  Never.

I must have been spiritually insane, when many millenia ago, I agreed to do this one thing.  Like the pure, beautiful souls who organized and all who participated in the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the ones who organized and participated in the “Fire the Grid” or 11:11 activation’s and everything in between… all gave Light to the earth to bring in the energy of Shambhala.  We are ALL doing our part for the greater unfoldment of spirit into created matter.

Even those who think they are doing nothing but clearing and purging… are adding to the Light field of what is now unfolding.  Every loving thing… matters.

Even those who are presently holding the energy of 3D fear and judgement… are holding up a mirror to our growing, glowing Light Body as a reminder of how far we have come… and where we no longer want to Be.

In the last 2 incredible weeks, I have watched as an energy field has started to emerge.  At first, simply within the spiritual bodies of me and Rick, then to the room around us, and then on the 18th of this month around the representation of the “Tree of Life” in my back yard.  The below image was taken this morning.  The main image on this sharing is the Solstice energy radiating from the top of the Mesa this morning.

On the 18th I had seen the grid of Light completely surround the outer area of this tree as a Light Tree, and then a sudden explosion happened within my view within meditation, an energy portal was activated directly above the Light Tree housing the physical Tree.

I was then given instruction… that came with a warning.

To fully activate this energy field requires sexual energy and the pure intent of activation thru the orgasm.  To do this is to fully bind our energy to the unfoldment, creation, and Life to the journey into Shambhala.  There will be no turning back.

I was told to sleep outside next to the tree on the evening of the new moon and release the energy of life into the New Life of Creation.

And on the day of the solstice, to release the sexual energy at the foot of the Mesa, activating the Above and Below energy into created matter.

I find it so incredibly perfect, that on the very day I get this information, Rick is at a bigger crossroads than he can even imagine.  And bless his heart he is processing to beat the band.  I may have inadvertently shared a misunderstanding in my communication yesterday… no final choices have been made at all, in regards to where his journey is taking him.  Nothing has ended, except our sexual exchange with each other.

But the universe is really really good at giving us tests (I know they don’t like that word, because there is no pass or fail…. ever, but still, it’s a good word in my book…smile.)

I have been writing about, experiencing thru meditation, becoming ever committed to do my part in bringing Shambhala forward, and now, to take this to the fullness of completion would be more wrong than right.

When spirit said he will not be able to leave should the sexual Odyssey of our experiences go any further, I knew I had to withdraw that part of our growing and evolving relationship together.

I assumed without his participation, the activation of this new Tree of Life would have to wait…

I spent most of the day sitting in the Jemez River… releasing… everything.

The 2nd time I sat in the river, I called on the energy of the new moon, asked for the seeds of my greatest expression in this next phase of Life and to encode me with whatever my part still is in bringing Shambhala to Life.

The seeds poured in.  Soft blue and pink energy… thru my crown and I ran them thru me and out my hands, into the river of life.   Seeding the River of Life with new potential.

As I realized my skin is officially getting to the cooked point, the Guardians chimed in and said to me, sleep by the tree yourself, the activation will proceed thru you.

I so love this universe and what it see’s and knows and prepares for.

Rick had told me that on the 18th, as he was getting ready to do his daily meditation half way up the Mesa, spirit asked him to bring a crystal with him and once on the Mesa, asked him to infuse his sexual energy into it… and he did.  He told me this yesterday.

When I was preparing my sleeping space and the crystalline energy that will Light up the Tree of Life thru me (smile) I also brought his energy infused crystal with me and placed it under my pillow.

I did my part (smile) and fell asleep.  I woke up at 12:32am because I was freezing.  But waking up was really really strange.  As I attempted to open my eyes, I felt like I was in goo.  I could barely lift my head from my pillow or open my eyes.  When I was able to finally open my eyes I could see and feel Light threads of energy everywhere and this gel like substance all around as well.  I was such a part of this energy field emerging my human could barely move thru it.  I knew, whatever was intended to happen… happened.  The moment I acknowledged that, the field released me and I could wake up and move.

I was too cold to stay outside so I moved onto the couch to sleep.  Something was really really strange with my right arm, from shoulder to fingers I felt like something was stretching and moving inside.  It woke me up several times thru the night, uncomfortable would be an understatement.

As I fully woke up for the day and started to type out this sharing, it actually hurt.  My wrist, my biceps in a discomfort I cannot even describe.

I looked at my arm and simply asked, what the heck is happening in you?  I was suddenly reminded of the meaning of the arm.  Our reach for life.  The right side represents what we are reaching for spiritually to bring to us for our greatest soul growth in life.  Just after mid-might the magnetic field started to release itself (continues even now, thru midnight tonight) solidifying our hearts energy into the next expression of our Life’s Journey.

The new energy of The Field was now throbbing thru my muscle structure.  I felt so grateful, so humbled beyond compare.  Not because of what it means to me, but what it means for all of creation and where we shall go within its emergence.

Before I close this sharing, there are two things I want to talk about.  Both subjects emerging from yesterdays sharing.

Living in the Now.

I feel this has become a very confusing and really misunderstood statement.

In spirit, the Now exists at all times.  1500 B.C.. is happening Now, 2022 is happening Now.  Gleaning information, potentials, warnings from any given perceived timeline is not living outside of the Now, but being fully aware of the consequences of our choices in every Now moment.

Rick and I talked about this subject at length yesterday morning, and shortly there after I received an email from a wonderful soul both concerned I was making personal choices based on future energy.

I would have to say… yes… and no.

Like doing readings, spirit will show you what is coming up so you do not miss it, what obstacle may get in your way so you can go around it, and so much more (and sometimes, so much less…smile.)

I remember a massage I was doing for a lady in about 2008-09 and I could see a romantic relationship coming to here about 4-5 months down the road.  He was bringing with him a golden seed of a child.  Her team told her, if you do not want to get pregnant, get protected.  He crossed her path at the time stated, she did not head the warning of her team and came to me for another massage, looking for permission from the soul of the baby that was now in her, to have an abortion.  Which that child gave to her fully and with love.

In my meditation, I received such important warning that pretty much stated:  You can bring your full hearts desire to fullfillment, but thru it, I will have removed free choice of a man I love with all my heart.

I have seen enough times where the universe will block all roads leading of an experience until that experience finds completion.  I was given a huge choice and a choice that becomes really tricky to discern.  My Will vs Thy Will.

The journey can only be fulfilled with conscious permission and commitment with all involved.  Not just the deep desires of one.

Do No Harm.  That has been the soul mantra of spirit all my spiritual life.

The Release of Energy

I share my journey out loud for a reason.  A reason I really cannot explain, nor do I want to.  I have made a deep soul commitment to this aspect of All of our evolution.

When I first started sharing, many years ago, and I would get hit with some serious hate energy as I talked about Holy Sex… I learned to put a space of protection around me and the sharing I give to the world.

I am sure, in the greater lesson at hand, I forgot to do this for Rick.  I watched as his energy field collapsed in pain within his heart as two comments on my blog emerged.

It is so easy to go into judgement and send that energy towards the source of that judgement.  What no one ever really see’s is the harm being created from a lack of understanding and love within the heart of the one projecting their fears outwards.  I got to witness this in a way I am actually grateful for.

You and I, we are intimately connected.  More than you can ever realize right now.  What you feel, I feel.  What I feel, you feel.  Thru every sharing, I send you the love that is emerging within my heart.  Even if it appears to be thru my own inner hell… it is still a love intensifying by the release of old debris.

Please be ever mindful to do the same to all of creation.  For now, I place my own Light body in front of Ricks as a protective energy as he transmutes into his next great expression… whatever that may be.  Love him thru it, as each of you are loved thru your own processes.  Please.

Do No Harm.  It only flows back to yourself 100 fold.  ALL energy flows back to its source amplified 100 times the power it was released from.

This is the New Day, The New Dawn of Shambhala.

With Grace and Wonder wrapped in unconditional Loving (((((HUGZ))))) to the All of Creation!!

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