Lucas – Important Information! – Act NOW! – 20 June 2012

I have been reading Sheldan Nidle’s, Mike Quinsey’s and Cobra’s messages, along with listening to the radio interviews and programs of Drake and Cobra and others.

We see the ungoing progress in the things going to happen to free humanity. The only thing we must explicitly be warned for is the disinformation and rumours and news about false-flag operations. Use your utmost higher guidance in discerning all.  There is a  lot going on that will never happen again as it is prevented and prohibited. No nuclear war or devices will explode ever again. Other false-flag operations are trying to instate fear again. The false flags have not been coming true.  The threaths towards  European Soccer Champignonships, the olympics, Iran, Syria as povocation towards war in the Middle East,  all will not happen.

The levels of the light energy upon earth have been increased at this time to a level that turning back is impossible. The light is penetrating as told all spheres now and is felt also by the last dark ones on this earth.  We can as asked do our part in joining in meditations  and visualizations or make positive actions towards freeing humanity now. This will help to get the critical mass sooner towards ending the duality timeline.  So spread arround the messages. So go and ask why things are not reported on the news. Make sure your voice is heard this time and be persistant.  Go set up a referendum about having a new constitution and a new really free country that operates under common law and where no institutions like banks, governments, corporations, secret societies, etc, have any say in or control over what the people want. Just WE The People (Whatever country your are from) that decide what our future will be in a peaceful, harmonious, unconditional loving and caring for each other way of living together and do only that what is for the benefit for all humanity, mother earth and our universe and what lives in it.  We should spread the light and love far and bright. There is so much you can do. Now go do it. It is time.

My destiny was to help in communication on this earth in this phase of the ending of the timeline and the ascension of earth and bringing humanity on a higher conscious level. The help of the galactic forces of light, angels and positive extra- and multi-dimensional beings, masters of light, ascended masters, our own efforts and the Source of all there is have contributed towards us awakening from this  illusionary veil that kept us slaves. They and you have helped to remove all that has been keeping us from knowing who we are and what is our destiny in being light beings. The last parts are unfolding just now and will be felt during and after 21 June 2012.

Your task is now to act! In the way that suits you at the stage you are in this moment of now.  I will say probably unnecessary that negative, duality based, violent actions or intention will not be tolerated.  You do all things from now on only for the highest good of all beings, including humanity and mother earth. Keep always in mind that you have been helped and supported by the Source, your guides, angels and positive ET.  All that has been is being part of your destiny you have chosen to in being born here on this planet and for the specific reason to bring us and the planet back to what was intended.

Go Act Now and be light and love for ever more.

Love and Light,


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3 responses to “Lucas – Important Information! – Act NOW! – 20 June 2012

  1. thanks lucas

  2. Dank je wel Lucas, voor al het werk dat je doet. Ik heb eerder een kleine donatie gedaan als dank. Ik hoop en wens dat je op grote schaal beloond wordt!

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