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Sharon Taphorn – Angel Wisdom – Balance Restored Resolutions Are Now Available – 20 June 2012

It is time to get moving and be inspired as the energy of balance and harmony are coming your way. Take a deep breath and trust that resolutions are at hand. If you are not feeling it already, you soon will feel some lightening in the energy around you. We want you to keep moving forward at a nice even and steady pace so that you will feel more grounded and peaceful along the way. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Couple Of New Videos And His New E-Book – 20 June 2012

Hey Peeps,

Energies have really gone up a notch or ten this past week. ha ha, got to love it.
Hang on to your hearts because it will only increase in the future!
What a fantastic ride we are on! Continue reading

Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Putting It In Practice – Geertje Couwenbergh, The Hague, The Netherlands – 20 June 2012

Uploaded on 11 June 2012 by liloumace  http://www.potentialbuddha.com

2 Minutes News – NASA Investigating New Science??? – 20 June 2012

Uploaded on 20 June 2012 by Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Be Fearless – 20 June 2012

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As things begin to pick up speed and move forward in the shift, it would stand to reason the dark ones will become more desperate and make a move to hold on to their control over humanity. Times may become somewhat challenging, but there is no need for us to feel fearful in any way. This is where our faith will pull us through and the love we hold in our hearts. We have been gathering our abilities to stay in our hearts for quite some time now and as the time approaches we must put what we have learned to use. This is not a time for fear or is it ever. We have no reason for fear, for staying in that energy only pulls us down and weakens us. Now is the time for strength and feeling sure about ourselves, no doubts, just that strong knowing in our being that we are right, we are on the correct path and it is love that will guide us to where we need to be. Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – World Liberation Movement – 20 June 2012

We can do it! We can set the planet free! Keep the focus and continue doing weekly liberation meditations until the planet is liberated!
Facebook and Youtube have been messing with our efforts. I received many reports rosoftinternetfrom people not being able to join our Facebook events and our Youtube videos being banned, especially in Germany and Japan. Please use also alternative routes to spread the message. Nevertheless, the Facebook event for our weekly meditations and the videos are here:
And also Facebok event for our solstice meditation:

John Ward – Euroblown : Now It Really Is, As Spain & Italy to get… – 20 June 2012


That’s $1500 for every EU citizen…to bail out two countries

Worse still, two-thirds of it doesn’t exist

Every penny of it represents completely wasted money. Why?

Because it is a muddle-through hybrid like everything Sprout & Kraut Inc do: it won’t stop the financial forest fire engulfing Europe, and it isn’t a bailout: it’s simply designed to buy up the bond debt for which Spain and Italy are liable. Continue reading