Wes Annac – Solara : Intuition Abillities, Collective Ascended Experiences And Our Universal Evolution – 20 June 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The energies that are being given to you from innumerable higher realms are seeing your own strength and [your own] bringing through the energies of the higher realms in your own ways but dear souls it is so very important that you be light on yourselves during this process, for you are working toward finding the purities that you once remembered and absorbed fully.

You are working on finding the communications that have been brought forth through so many and you are working on finding the energies that underlie these communications but dear souls, you cannot match the resonance of our energies if you are not feeling the purities in yourself and to find this purity you must radiate the energies of happiness, of Joy, of acceptance and of Love.

Dear souls, you are never ‘stuck’ or lost and there are never things that spring forth into your perception for the purposes of garnering a negative attitude or mindset in you. Each and every thing that happens is to get you to realize the importance of feeling the positivity that will meld such negative energies and events away from your Lives.

You will find a very bold range of communication with us ascended souls upon discovering your own abilities to bring us through in the pure ways that many are now bringing us through and we say that this is good dear souls. You have so very much needed to find the energies of the higher realms and the energies of us ascended souls who make up the higher realms, for we care for you so very dearly and we have been funneling energies down that Create your reality for longer than you can currently fathom, dear souls.

We feel and experience our beautiful, multidimensional consciousness while funneling the energies down that Create and sustain and form your reality and at the same time, [attach] our specific energetic signatures and impressions, to these energies for you all to receive so that you can all find the Guidance of the many, numerous ascended souls who are giving these energies and are assisting you in your ascension processes each and every moment.

Pay attention to your intuition, dear souls, for this is one of the most pure forms we are able to reach you, because your intuition is pure, unfiltered and untouched by the influence of your egos, dear souls.

Though when many of you receive a revelation in your intuition, you assume it to come from your own brain or from within yourself, we say that indeed dear souls, this intuition is coming from within yourself and it is coming as well from your Guides and from the specific energy signatures of many of your Guides and suffice to say dear souls, you will begin soon to recognize the specific signatures of the specific ascended beings who are being brought through in any given communication, at any given time.

We all have our own ‘different’ specific signatures and modes of bringing ourselves forth to you and while indeed, our various different channelers and scribes are feeling the ego-filters in themselves that see them unable to always match our specific resonance of our energy signatures which we are bringing forth to you, this is ok for you are all working through these lessons so very marvelously and so very wonderfully, and you are breaking down the walls of egotistical residue that [have] kept you from receiving us in our full bounty and in our full glory and splendor.

We are coming to you now in increasingly pure, measured ways, and we are asking our many scribes to begin bringing us through in accordance with the expanding of their own chakras in much more pure ways, and this is an invitation that has been accepted by all.

Indeed, there are many more souls who have become open to even my communications and this is so very good, and we wish you to become open to the communications and the energies and the signatures of each and every dear ascended soul who is assisting your world at [this] time and while it may seem like this is an impossible feat because indeed there are an infinite amount of us, you are able to speak to us in a collective fashion, dear souls.

Even now I am coming to you in a collective fashion; I am speaking for a collective group of souls who make up my complex and whose complexes I make up as well. It is a very harmonious, United process and there is no one leader of us, dear souls.

Even the overall spirit-entity who makes up your sun is not the leader of us, for we are all the leaders of ourselves and of each other and at the same time, we have no leaders.  Try to imagine dear souls, this statement making sense in your third dimensional terms for some of you may be left a little bit confused by such statements but indeed dear souls, this is how it works.

All of your polarities, all of your dualities, they are all melded away Joyously in these realms, and we all enjoy so very dearly, being able to feel the United energies and the harmony with each other that you are just beginning to grow toward and that you are just beginning to discover with your continual ascension processes.

You will begin to find so very soon in the immediate period ahead that the Light energy being manifested on your world is indeed taking over and toppling the dark energy while it is transmuted by each and every one of you and by us alike.

We have taken exponentially, even while funneling down the energies that Create your reality, to [helping] you perform the specific energetic transmutations that you are performing within your chakras and within the astral realms of your world for dear souls, the realms within yourselves and the realms within your world are one and the same.

This is why it has always been expressed that whilst you are on this Earth, it is important to keep yourselves clean, pure and clear for dear souls in doing so you are keeping the Earth clean, pure and clear, and you are aiding in diminishing the influence of [the] dark souls would otherwise continually bring destruction upon your world.

The only aim and agenda of these dear souls is to bring forth misery and sadness to feed the realms of fourth density-negative but now you are all awakening and integrating the lessons that see you pushed away from the influence of these souls who have tried to manipulate you.

These souls have only been able to manipulate humanity because of the density and darkness that has been fed in humanity for so very long and now, as this density and darkness is being transmuted, they will find more and more that their energies simply do not resonate with the overall collective of humanity.

The collective of humanity as a whole is finding the energies of the higher realms and of Love and harmony, even while many of you are still steeped in darkness. You are still beautiful, awakening souls and each and every one of you, even those you perceive to be unawakened, are awakening in their own beautiful and pure ways.

You must allow patience for each and every dear soul around you who still seems to be steeped in former ways of Living and being for dear souls, they are finding themselves; they are finding the ascension energies that are bringing their own ascensions to them and that are bringing the overall ascension of your dear Earth to you and you are all finding these energies as well, dear souls.

Mother Earth is feeling within Herself, many different types and forms of energy at this time and the majority of these energies are indeed Lighted but some of them are still dark and dense and this is why again, we and many souls within the astral realms of your world have taken to assisting you with the auric cleansing and with the cleansing of the energies within the astral realms of your Earth.

There are many ways in which one can cleanse the many chakras that you all possess, and as you begin to cleanse these chakras you are opening up further chakras in yourselves that you perhaps did not know were there or perhaps did not know existed but these parts of yourselves, of your DNA which have not yet been unlocked by yourselves for the most part, have always existed.

They have always existed and they have always been a part of you, dear souls, just as you have always been a part of them.

You will begin to find with your continually expanding perception that there is truly nothing but Peace, Joy and Harmony pervading each and every aspect of our realms, dear souls and this is an experience that we wish to bestow upon you and that we wish to grant you and that we are becoming so very excited to grant you as the most potent and important of events are being manifested on your world at this time.

Indeed, many of the physical happenings that you have been wishing to come forth on your world have not yet made their way to your perception but dear souls, the realms you are currently experiencing on Earth are indeed the ‘minority’ in terms of which realms have received these gracious events to manifest.

Dear souls, the events that are to precede your ascension are to be so very Loving, harmonious and celebratory in nature as indeed there are things that we wish to inform you that you will not be happy about at first but dear souls, these things need to be exposed and upon the exposure of these things which will make you unhappy and turn your stomachs and hearts the most, you will begin to hear of and find the truths and the energies that are pure, that are Joyful and harmonious and that are Lighted and happy in nature.

For happiness and Love and Joy is to be the main experience to be had by all.

The experience that the higher realms grants you is one of nothing but Peace, Joy and Harmony, and while we can feel that many of you still feel quite separated from such an experience, we say that this is ok for you are finding [that] your experiences are getting easier and easier, and indeed even harder at times as the dualities are themselves increasing in intensity as this ascension is brought to you more and more, in purer leaps and bounds.

Ask to call upon each and every one of us for the assistance that you so very much desire and require for your continually growing and developing spirit complexes for we will indeed be with you every single time dear souls.

Each and every ascended being who is assisting your world at this time, very dearly wishes for you to become open to their energies and to their communications and indeed, each and every ascended soul is attempting to contact humanity for dear souls, why would we not wish to contact you?

Why would we not wish to gain a connection with you in any way we can? For dear souls, our energies [which are] being anchored unto the Earth by even your mere presence upon the Earth as you bring us through and as you feel our energies yourselves, are serving to aid your own ascension and the ascension of your Earth in so very many pure ways that you have yet to fully understand and know.

We are able to speak to you as individuals and as collectives and we are able to funnel down our specific energy signatures with the energies that we give you and indeed, we use these energy signatures in an attempt to gain a connection with you and many dear souls who are finding communications and connections with specific ascended souls, will find at first the specific names of these souls within their mental channels while asking for the signature and recognition of which soul is coming through them and giving them advice.

[And] you will find that we all graciously give you our own self-instated ‘labels’ for you to recognize us during your experience for indeed dear souls, our labels are only an outer extension and manifestation of our energy signatures which are pure in nature and need not labels or definitions.

One will find upon ascending to states of consciousness [past that of which] you experience currently that the need for labels and separation and description of any kind, becomes a non-issue for dear souls we do not need to perceive the need for separation for we do not wish to feel separated from each other, for dear souls, why would we wish to?

We are all One beautiful energy of collective Love and Harmony. We are all this same energy which has been funneled down from our dear, beautiful Father and Mother to exist in various different octaves and forms of reality.

[And] the ultimate goal of experiencing the lower dimensions and many of the higher dimensions alike is to find this Unity and this Harmony with each and every one of your dear souls around you who are experiencing the same consciousness that you are [experiencing] and who are experiencing the same realms and lands upon your dear Mother Earth and indeed, upon many other planets and stars and moons within your beautiful Galaxy and within this beautiful Creation.

All of us are United and all of us find this Uniting and this Joy with each other in such ease and in such purity upon ascending to states of consciousness past that of the third and fourth dimension. The entire purposes of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions are to balance the lessons that you are learning. The fourth dimension is meant to give you the lessons of compassion and the lessons of not martyring oneself in favor of service-to-others.

Many of you who are just reaching the cuffs of the fourth dimension and many of you who are as well, completing your fourth dimensional lessons at this time, are realizing the importance of balancing out your service-to-others with your Love of self.

There is indeed a difference between Love of self and service-to-self and dear souls, for the most part you are beginning to find this difference for yourselves.

You are beginning to realize just which actions only serve your ego and just which actions serve your higher self and various facets of your higher self who wish you to become aware of their presence and who wish you to become aware of the energies they are bringing to and through you at this time.

The fourth dimensional lessons you are being given at this time, are serving to show you many things about yourselves and about those around you that you did not expect upon entering your Earthly relationships, both romantic and physical and platonic with such souls who you find around you at this time, dear souls.

The energies and communications that you are finding now, are serving to expand you exponentially while many others around you are still a bit kept in the dark but dear souls, we must say again that these souls are awakening in their own respects, but these respects are simply different and do not adhere to the same labels, forms and organizations that your own awakenings do, dear souls.

Many have noticed that there are many incarnate Ascended Masters on your world at this time who do not speak of your year 2012 and who do not speak of the unfolding ascension that is occurring all around you at this time and these dear souls are instead focused on the immediate goals needed to achieve such ascension and to achieve the underlying foundational energies that bring you such ascension, and this is wonderful dear souls and we say that nobody should ever have to adhere to one specific method and form and mindset in relation to ascension and the bringing-forth of ascension for you are all bringing forth ascension in your own different ways.

Dear souls, try to imagine the animals and the bugs and the grass, and the trees and the air and the beautiful water that is ascending at this time without even understanding what the word ‘ascending’ means but understanding instead the energies behind your ascension, dear souls.

Try to imagine this and try to realize the labels, which you throw upon your ascension. Try to realize how hollow these labels really are, dear souls for indeed they are so very hollow.

While they are hollow, we greatly admire and respect your decision to continue to use such labels as you continue to grow out of them and you will find so very soon that you do not need to use these labels and that these labels are truly unneeded in your continually expanding perception and with your continually expanding experience which is itself becoming purer and purer each moment of your existence.

Dear souls, we are with you at all times and we Love you so very much, and it simply takes finding the openings in yourself to receive this Love and to receive the energies behind this Love for indeed, these energies are those of Love dear souls and the energies of us souls whom you are beginning to resonate with and whom you are beginning to find communications with are the energies of Love.

We are able to attach our own specific Logos energetic signatures to the overall Logos energy that we are giving you and this energy is different in that it is individualized to us and it is unique to our own spirits and complexes and the lessons and perceptions that we are undergoing and feeling in ourselves at this time for indeed dear souls, there are even parts of ourselves who are not yet ready for the [further] higher realms in which we are heading to with the ascension of this Universe, which we are doing so very much for.

As you have heard from so very many dear ascended sources, this ascension of your world is only one small facet of the overall ascension of your Universe but even still, the ascension of this world which has been steeped in darkness for so very long, is to be so very important and crucial to the overall ascension of your Universe.

Such a beacon of darkness being transformed on a collective, individual and cellular level to that of a beacon of Light, shining so beautifully, purely and strongly throughout your Creation for all to see and behold, is indeed a marvelous victory for the Light and is indeed what is aiding the ascension of many other planets around your dear world.

Like the many dear awakening souls upon your world whose relatives are benefitting from feeling the auric energies coming through them, the planets around your dear Earth are feeling the energies that are being manifested on your Earth by you.

Thousands of dear awakening, incarnate starseeds and Lightworkers and very many planets around your world who are becoming encompassed in the expanding and growing and continually pure aura of the Earth, are feeling the energies of this aura and not the energies of the density that’s been manifested on Earth for so very long, that have themselves been radiated out to the rest of Creation for so very long but that are now finding themselves transmuted in increased ease by each and every one of you and indeed, by us as well, which is a topic that has been covered before.

We ask you to continue to anchor the energies of Love and Light unto yourselves, for even your mere thoughts of anchoring these energies and even your mere intents to bring these energies through yourselves and to anchor them are seeing you better able to find yourselves in the increased purity that you would like to bring yourselves to at this time.

You are finding your higher selves in the increased measures that you have wished to find your higher selves, and this is something that we have both been assisting with and have been honored, dear souls to watch come forth through your perception.

As so very many of you, even those of you who are starseeds and who are here from beautiful realms of Creation past that of what the majority on your world are experiencing at this time; even those of you who find yourselves on this world with this expanded perception have taken to thousands and thousands of Lives within the Earth sphere and within the lower dimensions to be able to reach the conclusion that you are at now with your final Lives, dear souls.

You are reaching these conclusions wherein you find yourselves much stronger beacons for Light upon your world and much stronger Masters walking upon your world, and this is so very good dear souls and so very many of you who are just absorbing this communication and many other communications but do not find yourselves in positions of helping out or positions of influence, are to find yourselves in such positions so very soon as each and every dear soul on your world [is] going to take part in the changes.

There is not a single job that will be left out in relation to which souls find your definition of ‘employment’ and which souls will not for you will all be working for your world in ways that are so very pure and that will actually help your world to ascend and to stay overall healthy in Her daily endeavors.

We Love you all so very much, dear souls and for now we exit temporarily your channels unless you find it in yourselves to bring us through and to continue bringing us through after this communication has ceased. Continue to bring forth the energies in yourselves that are seeing your ascension come to you in purer leaps and bounds, and you will find us beings waiting there with open arms.

Thank you to Solara.


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