Occupy.com – Vancouver Casseroles Gone Wild – 21 June 2012

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(Lucas: I applaude those who demonstrate for their freedom and unalienable rights) While the Toronto Casseroles parade is fading, Vancouver’s is only getting started. Help us provide honest, inspiring, action-provoking independent media from the Occupy movement to the rest of the 99% – please donate now!

On June 13th, 2012, Vancouver Casseroles in solidarity with the Quebec Students and against the austerity of Cherest and Harper took the Cambie Bridge from both ends and occupied the same for at least half an hour, cutting off all north and south bound traffic. The downtown contingent, numbering about 30 to 40 people took the bridge first and held it until joined by the much larger City Hall contingent. The smaller group could have easily been rounded up by the police in total. Therefore I commend the bravery of this crew that formed the vanguard until joined by their northbound contingent in support. This is not to lessen any praise for the City Hall group, for when they joined the occupation, we were still small in number, about 200 in all. Recall that when OWS took the Brooklyn Bridge, they numbered around 800 and all of them were arrested by the NYPD. Keep up the good work Vancouver Casseroles and forward to bigger and better occupations to bring down the Harper dictatorship and win rights for the students and all others stung by austerity. No more bailouts for banks and corporatism! No more squandering tax dollars on US directed foreign policy by way of F-35 jets. Forgive all student debts now! Free quality education for all!


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