Selacia – Manifesting Your Vision On High-Energy Days – Solstice – 21 June

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A change in seasons like today’s solstice is a perfect time to update yourself and take stock of where you are on your path. Knowing it is solstice, you can set your intention to take advantage of today’s high energy to help you realize your dreams.

Most likely, you have a clear vision of what you want to create in your life. It’s helpful to update that vision regularly, though, and to get specific about how you will manifest it in physical reality.

To be sure, regularly updating your visions and aspirations helps you keep your energy current so you can accelerate forward movement. By looking at

your personal visions over time, too, you can see how far you have come. This helps during those moments when you doubt anything is happening or wonder if you are on track.

Imagine, then, that today on solstice, you could create something brand-new in your life. This could be a healthier body, happier relationships, increased income, or a host of other things. Consider right now which of your goals is most important to you.

Invite your higher wisdom to help you clarify which project or goal could benefit most from your attention right now. When you ask for clarity, simply go with the first idea that comes to you. Don’t overthink it or worry about the “how” – simply select it like you would a file on your computer.
When you determine what goal is most important, write it down on a sheet of paper. This will help it to be more real and will give you further insights as you contemplate questions like the following.
What have I overlooked or forgotten to do to help make my goal a reality?
Prayers and intentions are important, but also consider external world factors. These include your own actions, thought patterns, and emotional responses. Are you overthinking things? Are you remaining positive and present-focused? Prayers are answered. You must ask, though, and be clear about what you want. You benefit most when you state requests positively, become observant of what shows up afterwards, and take constructive action in a timely way. As you do this, you create from your empowered divine changemaker role.
Is your goal both practical and heart-centered?

To succeed in manifesting your goal, you must make a plan that includes both. Success comes when you take action on the plan and keep positive. Avoid analyzing or overthinking – just do. If you analyze, you may start criticizing – blocking your success.

What simple step could I take today to help bring my vision into manifestation?
The answer to this will show you something simple you can put in motion – the action big or small helping to energize your goal. Examples include:  a phone call, responding to an email, signing up for an exercise class, scheduling time with a friend you haven’t seen for months, or letting go of anger towards a business partner. The simple first step is what counts today.
Who or what have I given my power to, allowing their actions or inaction to stall my progress?
As you answer this question, you may be reminded of a person or organization. Perhaps you have been waiting for someone’s response, for an organization to get funding, or for someone to have a change in view. Consider that waiting, in practical terms, is sometimes needed – with the divine timing for your project unfolding in the background. There may be other levels, however, involving subtle and multidimensional factors. Invite your inner wisdom to provide clarity about the role of these factors in your progress. Consider that you may be waiting on a job offer that won’t come – not because of you, but due to the politics within an organization. Acknowledge that these things can occur and you may have unknowingly given your power away. Intend that you reclaim your power, and with that, increased clarity about potential obstacles and how to overcome them.
No matter how far away your goal appears, you can be closer to it with the positive steps you take today. Don’t be concerned with which step you take first or how many steps you take – the key is to use today’s high energy to bring you closer to your dreams.
Don’t let expectations of what was “supposed to be” ruin your present and future moments. Simply start fresh each day, allowing your heart to show you the way.
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