Wes Annac – Solara : A Summer Solstice Message – 21 June 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your New Earth is blooming into being on a Grand scale at this moment and we, having a pure vantage point of matters on your world, can tell you with happiness that the foundations you have been laying for so very many years are now setting the stage for the many events, both physical and etheric in nature, that are to grace the surface of your world in the current thread of reality you all find yourselves within.

Indeed, foundations have been laid. The years leading up to this final year within your third dimensional reality structure have seen each and every one of you, no matter the circumstances of your finding yourselves on this world and how long you have been involved in your own awakenings in your current Lives, laying supreme and Lighted foundations for you to supersede the need to continue feeding any lower vibrations of any type or form.

The lower vibrations are tricky and will come to one whenever one least expects it, and will show up in various different forms that seem to be nice and within the best interest of the soul in question, but such things are still left with the residue of the lower vibrations and in many cases, much of humanity has not begun yet to understand the many things that actually serve to hold you back and make your bodies and spirits unhealthy.

This current cluster of days that you are going through are very powerful in purity as your Sun is reaching several alignments and completions at this time, many coming subsequently right after another in a row.

Dearest souls, if you feel that your year 2012 has been crazy and energetic thus far, just wait until you begin to feel and adjust to the events playing themselves out right now on your world and on a Cosmic scale in favor of the achievement and manifestation of the supreme and wonderful ascension that is gracing your world and all of you at this time, in accordance with the long-decreed cycles and prophecies on your world, given in many cases by your ‘extraterrestrial’ and Galactic brethren.

As always, there are an infinite amount of heavenly rituals being performed at this time and in the days, weeks and months ahead to help Earth and you all adjust and align better with the continually pure energies that are reaching such strong proportions, that many of you are finding yourselves tested exponentially.

Have we not informed you, dear beautiful souls, that the dualities were going to increase in yourselves and upon your world?

The majority of you dear souls are seeing this very happening in play at this very moment, and in general it is very clear that your world is in a state of seeming chaos as so very many for the most part, have yet to understand fully the lower and gruesome nature of the acts that have been fed on your world for so very long and that have been and still seem to be normal, and the collective density which is still fed every day is being exposed on a widespread level in accordance with the continual clearing out of lower vibrational influences and densities upon the astral realms of your world and within yourselves.

We have been assisting with your finding of the higher vibrations that are taking the place of the lower vibrations and densities that have kept you feeding a lower vibratory Lifestyle for so very long.

We’ve stated many times that we dearly wish you beautiful souls could understand and fathom the depth and number of ascended and advanced souls assisting you in even your daily and moment by moment endeavors, as all of us Love you and your world so very dearly and will do anything that we can while acting in accordance with your freewill, to see this ascension come forth as has been planned for so very long.

You will find infinite assistance along your path, if you make it your intent to ask for and request such assistance and if you make it your intent to continually be able to wade away from your [former] self while Loving, understanding, integrating and transmuting, those lower mindsets and heart sets which still creep up in many of you and attempt to get you to feed the old and broken-down patterns and behaviors that you have enticed yourselves with throughout thousands of Lives within the lower dimensional matrix on your world.

Dear Mother Gaia has always been an advanced and ascended soul, and is a soul who has come from very pure realms and echelons of Creation to experience the fifth density as a planet, and She did not plan in any way to be ‘dragged’ down to realms lower than those of the fifth dimension but She Loves you all so very much that she wanted you to be able to experience the realities that you wanted and that you have Created for yourselves.

As you have slowly but surely begun to grow out of the mindsets that have garnered such ‘realties’ and as you are beginning to realize in very true, pure and intense ways, the extent to which you have deceived yourselves, we and many other ascended beings are assisting you and your world in ridding yourselves once and for all of the lower vibrations which you had Created for yourselves and wished dearly to exist within.

The illusion and distortion of freewill permitted you to think and feel while within the third dimensional matrix, that you could act however you wanted and treat those around you however you wanted and there would be no repercussions. Eventually, and for some this took many, many Lives and cycles to figure this out, you began to realize that that which you do to others is indeed reflected in your own experiences and in general, what you give out is returned to you, sometimes in very bold ways.

Of course, there are still many incarnate souls on your world at this very moment who do not believe that karma and the Law of Attraction are real, and this is because the very ideas and concepts of such things have been as muddied and distorted as the concept of true Love.

True, pure and unfiltered Love is the energy which Creates your reality, and this energy is the product of our dear Mother and Father Creator funneling parts of Him/Herself down to various and multiple different octaves and planes of reality.

The true and pure energies of our Mother and Father take quite a process along one’s Life and evolution path to reach, and the masculine and feminine energies that have been fed on your world for so long have been twisted and distorted, as have the concepts of Mothering and Fathering and again, the overall concept of what you know as Love.

As this imbalance in relation to the true energies and expressions of our Mother and Father are fed, the actions garnered as a result are themselves based in a lower dimensional, illusory experience.

Imbalanced masculine energies and expressions are those of acting patriarchal, employing ego to the extent of assuming one is always correct and in a position to judge or control others, and imbalanced feminine energies and actions are those of taking to deceit, gossip, and a hurting of others whilst putting up a fake shell, an alter-ego of sorts, to those whom one does not assume to be worthy of getting to know [the real them].

Another example of imbalanced feminine energies would be those of letting oneself be controlled by any other soul, for any reason, in any area of one’s Life.

There are many dear, beautiful feminine souls on your world who are letting themselves be controlled by those around them – some may be controlled by an abusive spouse, some may be controlled by family, but the common theme is always that such souls are letting their opinions and feelings be molded and formed entirely by another around them, who happily steps into such a role because of a want and perceived need to control somebody [who is] perceived to be weaker than them.

This is usually a heart set that is brought on from one not feeling enough Love, wholeness and completeness within themselves, just past their conscious awareness – and this is the cause of many other serious and strong problems within many Earthly souls as well.

Nearly all of your mental illnesses, all of your intensely fed angers, frustrations and fears; your feeding of the collective manifested density which is caused by an innate and inherent lack of Love within oneself, subconsciously helps you to feed the continual cycle of lower emotions and resulting experiences that you are granted through looking toward the lower vibrations in any form and pleasure that they have to offer, to fill the void of true Love that has been missing from your hearts.

We know that for many, when the terms Love and Light are used the concept of hollow shells of expression are brought forth as it is perceived that these are simply ‘new age’ terms that mean little, but it must be expressed that what are routinely called ‘Love and Light’ by many channeled sources are actually two of the purest distortions which can still be considered distortions, of energy being sent down from our Mother and Father Creator.

Love and Light represent our Mother and Father; our beautiful Creator seemingly divided into two United polarities and segments. One lays the foundation for Creation and experience, and the other sees such experiences brought forth through the Creation of a mirror-energy; a mirror consciousness to experience the landscapes, templates and blueprints that have been Created by the Universal energies.

The Masculine Logos energy Creates and sustains your realities, whereas the Divine Feminine Light energies which you all are as well, sees such a mirror consciousness Created in the form of all of you who experience the lower dimensions and various planets in every form that they take, as you are experiencing such Creation and consciousness while at the same time, mirroring it and being a part of it.

The Divine Masculine energies of Love and the Divine Feminine energies of Light are increasing in potency and purity now as they make their way to your world through very many star gates and energy gate stationed in many areas throughout Creation, which are connected with various star and energy gates on and around your world, as well as within your world in your skies, where such gates are not visible.

As other ascended sources have been speaking to, there will be a time when such energy gates in your skies will no longer be invisible and you will be able to both see these gates and see and feel the beauty and pure Logos energy that is being given through these gates, in the immediate future ahead.

Already, so very much pure Logos energy is reaching the surface of your world and reaching your bodies and spirits as well, as you continue to lay such a strong and pure foundation through your gained knowledge, attained by going through many experiences and lessons on your world and within your third and fourth dimensional experience.

Again, you have always been meant to reflect the state of the Earth [and vice versa] and as humanity has fed so very much darkness, the Earth has had to have such darkness experienced on Her surface as a result, as the Earth reflects every action, thought and feeling that is fed and garnered in each and every individual, and by the collective as a whole.

Some of the darker-inclined events which have happened because of the releasing of the negative energies manifested which needed to be expressed, were those of various natural disasters that in some cases, took out whole cities and collectives who were experiencing and continually feeding vibrations so very low and dense that such vibrational feedings called for a collective clearing event of such proportions.

Another example of this collective density and darkness needing to be expressed to be balanced out, has been that of the incarnation of the dark heads on your world who have been called by many the ‘elites’ as such souls have truly shown you dear souls how pervasive the vibrations and densities you have manifested truly are and just what your continual feeding of lower and dense vibrations for generations of your time has caused.

You will notice that Gaia has recently not had to undergo many of these physical clearing events on a mass scale and we say that this is because many ascended beings are continually monitoring your world and helping your Earth in any way they can to see that the Earth collective is able to realize these lower vibrations without the need for the causing of physical events and manifestations.

There will still be small rumblings and what not as Gaia continues to release the densities and vibrations that have been manifested for so very long and when the big clearing events come, it will be decided by the collective of humanity how such cleaning and cleansing events are to take place.

There have been several different possible ‘timelines’ planned out for such [Earth cleansing] events and one is that humanity can choose to receive assistance from your Galactic brethren while collectively meditating on a mass scale, and by this we mean on a scale of everybody on your world performing such meditations in the highest alignment and intent. Your Galactic brethren will assist by taking the energies that you manifest as a collective and funneling them through both the lower realms of your world [including 3D reality] and the higher realms alike, to give such higher realms a boost.

With this much Love being given to Gaia, Her lower astral realms and the energies and entities who would still reside in such realms by this time and trust us dear souls, that number will be very few; such events would serve to see Gaia able to clear out such density without the need for expressing it in very intense [catastrophic] ways upon Her surface.

This is one timeline and scenario that has been planned out and we can say that it is the most likely timeline and scenario, but the choice will be left entirely up to humanity. There will be several options laid out before you as a collective, and suffice to say dear beautiful souls these decisions will have to be made far after the disclosures and revelations and after your Galactic Brethren have made their Resumed Contact with you and your world.

Such times are not as far off as you may feel and yet, the majority of you are still working within your veils and doing the best you can at this very moment to break away from the densities that have kept you energetically chained to the vibrational state that has been fed around you and by you for so very long.

With the many alignments and intense upgrades and reboots of energy that are occurring right now and that will continue to be occurring, you will see much assistance with this process, from us and from many other ascended beings, again, only if the pure and clear intent is made to have us with you.

In this current moment [of the Summer Solstice], we here within the realms of your Sun are stationing ourselves in many different Solar realms at once, to assist with the bringing-through of energy so very pure that it may knock many off of their proverbial egotistical pedestals.

What we mean by this is that many of you, and this includes many unawakened souls as well, are going to find these energies transforming you and seeming to turn you inside-out even more than they already have, and we can say only to do your best to ride the many waves of energy that will be and are currently being given, and to use the tools you have around you of Love, Peace, Harmony, acceptance of all situations around you and of course, your Divine Violet Flame abilities.

Use such tools to see yourselves better able to ride the pure energies being given to you at this time for you will not be able to feel the energies and the resulting upgrades that many of you would like to feel, if you are still employing the blockages and willful feedings of frustration, tenseness and anger of any kind.

Allow the Universal and pure energies coming to and through you now, to shine brilliantly through such parts of yourselves still based in illusion, and you will find yourselves opened up and awakened exponentially upon doing so.

Each and every one of you are invited to the many, infinite rituals and mass meditations occurring right now, on your world and throughout many other realms to assist in the anchoring and mass integrating of the continually pure energies that are being given to you on important celestial dates that are indeed occurring closer and closer to each other.

As you are all continuing to align yourselves with and integrate these alignments which are coming at you one after another, in part you are beginning to get used to navigating these energies and subconsciously, many of you are doing wonders in integrating yourselves to the continually pure energies, to the extent that your Lives are much easier than they would otherwise be.

From here on out, your experiences are going to prove to be more and more validating as you make the efforts in yourselves to shed and integrate the final densities you find around you.

We all Love you so very much, and we are excited for you to lean all about us beings existing within your Sun, for we happily do so very much for you dear, beautiful souls on a moment-by-moment basis. We employ the energies of Love and the desire for Service to Others when assisting with the Creation of Earthly realms, and as we both Create your reality and continue to sustain it while helping you to receive purer and purer upgrades of energy, we give you as well our specific encoded Love.

Thank you to Solara.

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