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Bill Ballard – Update About Solstice, The Heart Chakra Activation And Anchoring And About Drunvalo Melchizedek – 23 June 2012

Hey People and Light Beings!

What a Solstice present! The 2012 40 Day Event (the 4th since 2009) which was supposed to begin today but has been changed from now until the coming shift, about Heart Chakra Activation and Anchoring, Drunvalo is now teaching… ha ha!

We now have 144,000 chakra activated and anchored persons on this planet each person at various stages of their initiations or rather Light Body activation, which is what activations of one’s chakras does. Continue reading


Global Voice Radio Network Blogtalkradio – One Free People Call – With C.J. Williams – 23 June 2012

One-People Call – June 22 – 8:30PM Eastern Time – and Amsterdam : European Time 2.30 AM – 23 June 2012  Call In Show About the Agenda 21 issue.

Call In To Speak With The Host : (646) 716-4984

Guest Speaker, C.J. Williams

C J. Williams is a grass roots activist and writer who lives in the northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Over the past decade, she’s been noted for her fierce and firey “tell it like it is” weekly columns published in a small town U.P. and downstate Michigan newspaper. Continue reading

Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Blogtalkradio – 23 June 2012

CVN host, Geoffrey West offers news, talk and commentary about the latest events unfolding with regards to what is arguably the most guarded secret, and yet the most important event to improve the human and planetary condition.

Disclosure, as a global awareness event is now happening.  CVN is among the first to formally declare disclosure as real and peaceful.CVN will be an evolving program, adapting to the events unfolding upon, within and beyond our planet. Continue reading

David Icke – On BBC Radio 21th June 2012 – 22 June 2012

Uploaded on 21 June 2012 by

David Icke talking about the BBC’s refusal to have him appear on Question Time, and the global conspiracy.

Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Short But Deliciously Sweet God Message On The Summer Solstice – 22 June 2012


[Hi God, happy summer solstice.] Hi Suzy, to you as well. I hope you know how very much you are loved. [Thank you. I think I do!] Continue reading

Pat Donworth – Bill Wood Update – How You Can Help! – 22 June 2012

June 22, 2012 | Pat Donworth

For those following the Bill Brockbrader case, we’ve been informed by Eva Moore that Bill has been allowed to post bail and leave jail while he awaits his trial in July. Continue reading

Matt Taibbi – The The Rolling Stone – Scam Wallstreet Learned From The Mafia – 22 June 2012

Someday, it will go down in history as the first trial of the modern American mafia. Of course, you won’t hear the recent financial corruption case, United States of America v. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm, called anything like that. If you heard about it at all, you’re probably either in the municipal bond business or married to an antitrust lawyer. Even then, all you probably heard was that a threesome of bit players on Wall Street got convicted of obscure antitrust violations in one of the most inscrutable, jargon-packed legal snoozefests since the government’s massive case against Microsoft in the Nineties – not exactly the thrilling courtroom drama offered by the famed trials of old-school mobsters like Al Capone or Anthony “Tony Ducks” Corallo. Continue reading

John Ward – ESM & Fiscal Union : German President Refers Merkel Plans To Karlsruhe Court – 22 June 2012

Major victory for Germany’s financial opposition

A furious exchange allegedly took place by telephone last night between Kanzler Merkel and the Bundespräsident, her former fellow Osti Joachim Gauck. Gauck announced yesterday that he would not ratify the EU’s second-generation rescue fund, known as the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), until legal challenges to the fund had been cleared. The German Constitutional Court had asked earlier in the day that the President grant the Karslruhe judges time to examine a probable legal challenge from the Left party. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Calling Ourselves On Our Own Numbers – 22 June 2012

I know, I know. Bill Brockbrader may have been released yesterday or may have been put on trial. The cabal may not have surrendered yesterday (June 21) – or they may have and we just don’t know it. These are big, important events and here I am talking about behavior.

But I have to tell you, this is where it’s at for me in this Year of Ascension.

I said a while back that I’d presumed that many of the skills and techniques of the awareness movement (growth movement, human-potential movement) had survived to this day. More than that, I assumed that the younger generations would have taken those skills another mile down the road. Continue reading

John Ward – Greek Election : Athens Bar Asscociation Declares June 17th Election Null And Void, Suspects Criminal Activity – 22 June 2012


Special Porta-Porta account released exclusively to The Slog

Very little surprises me about the eurozone any more, but this latest development out of Athens beats anything yet seen: the Athens Bar Association (DSA) has just released a memorandum declaring the recent Greek general election void because of an out-of-date census having been used…and hints darkly at the ulterior motives of Elstat, the national statistical organisation originally found to have been complicit in the plot to disguise Greece’s true fiscal position in its reports to the European Commission in 2008. Continue reading