Global Voice Radio Network Blogtalkradio – One Free People Call – With C.J. Williams – 23 June 2012

One-People Call – June 22 – 8:30PM Eastern Time – and Amsterdam : European Time 2.30 AM – 23 June 2012  Call In Show About the Agenda 21 issue.

Call In To Speak With The Host : (646) 716-4984

Guest Speaker, C.J. Williams

C J. Williams is a grass roots activist and writer who lives in the northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Over the past decade, she’s been noted for her fierce and firey “tell it like it is” weekly columns published in a small town U.P. and downstate Michigan newspaper.

When the papers folded due to the tanking economy, she picked up where she left off and started writing for another local monthly paper – the Yooper Spectator – which is dedicated to conservative, right side of the aisle readers.

She’s going to be talking tonight about the UN’s Agenda 21- Sustainable Development Program, specifically UNESCO’s “Man and the Biosphere Program”, and helping us connect some dots as to how that Program is being used to socially engineer us into turning over our property rights to government at all levels.

Direct link Global Voice Radio Network – One Free People – 22 June 2012- With C.J. Williams about Agenda 21


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