Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – A Chorus Of Angels – 22 June 2012

God said:

I like you. Will you like Me? You don’t have to adore Me. Liking Me is good enough. Be relieved from the idea of having to love Me as though I were a grand vizier. I am no one, and I am Everyone. Consider Me more like someone you bump into every now and then and are happy to see. Don’t make a mystique of Me. I am simply God.

I have said that in life in the world, you are to let love issue from your heart, and, yet, at the same time, it is not like you have to fall in love with anyone. That includes Me. You don’t have to fall in love with Me. The time will come when you do because you will recognize Our Oneness. I want to make it clear that it is not like you owe Me or anyone anything. You do owe yourself to let love flow from your heart. When you sow love, what do you think you reap? Actually, the reaping of love is in the sowing of love.

The sowing of anything is also the reaping of it. You are the sower, you are the act of sowing, and you are the sown. You are the lover, you are the act of loving, and you are the love. You enact love. From your blessed heart, you create love in the world, and you are the love created as well. You are Oneness. You are the Giver. And you are the Receiver.

In fact, there is no one in the world but you, but I, but the One of Us. The world exists with your awareness of it. You and the world are one. You live in the world you have sown. You planted a crop called the world. It is your farm. It is your plantation. It is your creation.

Did you create Me, or did I create you? In fact, We (I) were always. There never was a time that We arose, well, perhaps from sleeping, if you want to call Silence sleeping. And so We (I) arose from Silence and ventured into sound, and so We (I) made all kinds of music. The world burst out from a flute, or from a tuba, or from a vibration sounded, from energy vortexed, from love spun like silk or cotton candy. There is only variation of what is Oneness, Oneness on every level. The song is singing still, and you are the song, the act of singing, and the singer. And, yet, there is One Song, and the song is love, and you are love, and I am love, and love is all.

And, yet, love is not on command. Your awareness of love is not on command. Left to your own devices, you are simply love from every angle. So, no, you do not owe Me love. You don’t owe anything, yet you have doors to open, and your heart to open, for your heart is a gate that opens onto a beautiful garden, a beautiful garden that is within you and which can be seen as the Earth, the world, the globe, the galaxies, the sun, moon, stars and everything.

Every being on Earth is your creation. You created the beautiful garden. If you don’t see it, you, as a finite being on Earth, created something else. If you see weeds, you created them, and yet even weeds can be beautiful.

I did not create Paradise by Myself. I had a chorus with Me. We are Oneness, and yet We sing a duet, or so, it seems. link to original article

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