Lisa Gawlas – Discerning And The Joy Of Lessons!! – 22 June 2012

What an amazing day, shit it has been an amazing June!!  But today, thru the soul energy of those connections in the field, my readings, Holy Shit just got amplified…. in the greatest and most exciting of ways… of course!!

There is so much information to share, so many realizations and connecting points that I know it is going to take two sharing’s.  Mostly I am going to separate it into the sum of my absolute wonder-filled relationship and what it has all meant, in the heavenly wonder that it was for 16 days and what we all need to learn from it.  I have got to give so much honor and love to Rick for being one of my most profound teachers who radiates love and truth.

Anytime I come out of a profound experience, I get to sit front row and get a play by play review of all that transpired and the purpose.  I love my spiritual team so much and this most precious loving lesson.  Beats the hell out of having your arms ripped off like some of the previous lessons I have had lol.

Several days ago I wrote a sharing on discernment and apples (smile), and I got to taste apple pie!

I have always said, I live my life by being an example of what not to do.  So why would this experience be any different?  And I want to be clear here, I am so grateful for these past 16 days, for the unfoldment as well as the retreat.  Every single thing in divine harmony.

As I sit here processing the first two readings of the day… bookends to the grandness that is now on earth… the first one about the new energy, the second one about Holy Sex energy, full complements of each other and gave me a clarity I could not have had in my own missing puzzle pieces without them.

What prompted me to do a second blog today is the analogy of the two apples, one with a worm, which I now fully understand is the ego penetrating wisdom.  The fact that the worm was an olive green shows that the ego came thru lovingly most of the time and is embedded in the apple… the wisdom of the soul.

I remember one of the meditations I had with Jorge and he mentioned he was going to just show up at my door.  My entire energy field was filled with the energy of a man I had been emailing in Canada, granted, only twice (cuz I suck at sitting at this computer emailing all the in-mails I get, for which I so apologize to everyone.)   I was so sure the energy of Jorge was connected to him, there was something I felt in the two times he emailed me.  But, this is a whole new adventure for me.

I even almost emailed him after that meditation, to let him know how present he was, but that freakin trust issue I didn’t know I had… let it go by the way side.

Not to mention, at the end of this incredible life lesson review… he was present in my energy field once again.

And then that blue-eyed baby showed up at my door… my god he was beautiful to my eyes and radiated such a loving glow (which was not fake, let me point that out now…smile.)  Being with him, effortless.

The red flags that are built into us to tell us, maybe this isn’t what it seems can so easily be discounted.

The second massage I had given Rick was so infused with the triad of energy of me, Michael and him…. a true oneness one can ever hope to experience in vibration.  I barely got thru the massage because of the pulsing energy, and he was pulsing on the massage table.

When the massage was finished, and we sat together on the couch next to each other, I was engulfed in a magnetic field of desire I have never ever experienced before.  I just wanted to seep into his whole body (and this was before we had sex 3 days later) and melt in orgasmic Ecstasy to be Home at last.  I know he felt it to, since he said so… sorta.

He held my hand in his and said he wanted to do something.  I was up for anything… he garbed a book.  My heart sank… your gonna read to me??  Really?  He opened to a chapter about something or another on bringing in oneness of love.  I asked him, do you not already feel this intense space of vibrational oneness we are in.  I guess not… he read the whole thing.  Word by word the field collapsed around us.  I have never wanted to just cry from a missed opportunity of experience.

I had written so many times (from spirit, not thru my own experience) that when the soul re-union is at hand, the two people will know already each others bodies, intimately as if they played it all their lives.  That wasn’t the case either.  I just completely ignored that fact all together… thinking, maybe I was wrong and just wanted it to be like that.

Then one day I woke up at 1am so prompted to go write my blog for the day.  I dragged my butt out of bed, put on the coffee and started writing.  I wrote until 5am.  My first appointment wasn’t until 9am… what to do for 4 hours!?  Just before I closed my blog and published it, I felt his presence behind me.  Only it wasn’t his physical self but his soul self.  He started running energy up and down my spine like nothing I ever experienced before.  I knew what to do with those 4 hours!!!

I went to bed and of course Rick was sound asleep… didn’t matter.  The energy radiating from his body was having an amazing and profound effect on mine.  I could feel the motion of his breath expanding and contracting my own energy field.  Every chakra was pinging as if in its own ecstasy dance with his.  Time to wake him up!

He rolled over and put his arm around me, there was an explosion in the field.  Something started glowing, growing around the bed we lay in, as if to amplify it all.  He took his hand and started to caress my belly… holy shit batman, the electricity that was pulsing thru me from a feather touch… I cannot even explain.  I don’t even remember what he did, but suddenly this soft blue wae rippled from my heart chakra at my back all the way down my body.  I could have exploded right there.

The magnetic, sexual field was on fire (at least in my world) 100 times the energy of that massage.  I was full on ready for whatever the rest of this experience was going to produce… until…. once again, he left.  He said he was going to look for a CD.  A CD designed to bring in all the universe.  Any more universe present and we would have disintegrated.

I was so puzzled… but realized I can hold this field together til he got back.  It took a while.  He came back empty handed (I was so grateful) and said he couldn’t find the CD.  (Thank you universe.)

Then he grabbed his toothbrush and razor.  Really??  Maybe I am in this all by myself… and once again, the field collapsed.

Both times, he had told me his inner prompting told him to reach outside of himself for something.  Baffling me to no end.

He has such faith in other peoples way of bringing in the high energy field and maybe, really, his soul didn’t want his emerging consciousness to have the experience… or maybe his ego didn’t.  I don’t know.  But from that moment on, his ego was so present in so many things.  Of course, coupled with the withdrawal of my own sexual energy from his… Really allowed the worm in the apple to fully reveal itself.

I didn’t care at all.  I so understand this process of unfoldment, especially him being only 9 months into his… I am patient and have seen ad felt his light and truly love him.

Obviously tho, the field itself, the Guardians and Archangel Michael had to withdraw from it all… on the day of the solstice.  When many of our final choices of next version of life were being made; amplify old energy residual, or choose heaven on earth.

But we had enough presence of love and energy between us to bring in the new  Tree of Life and give Birth to Shambhala.  A gift unto earth like no other.  I will be ever grateful for the weaving of his heart and soul into mine, even if it was only for 16 days!  We got a lot done on sooo many levels!!  Not to mention fully clearing my heart… happy dance!!

My first reading of the day gave so much clarity to this choice, and keep in mind, many are still making closures and new choices… as she clearly showed.

She was coming up to two (maybe three… universality undecided as of yet) choice points.  One choice took her completely off the path of her currently life and immersed herself completely in river of energy filled with liquid light.  To do  experience this, she is going to have to walk completely out of the life she is living right now.

The other choice point was keep walking the path the way she has.  The magnetic field was already set, and there were so many little side streams that were there to strip her of her resistance to change.  Altho it looked beautiful… as golden energy always does… to be stripped down by the universe is not pretty and hurts like hell (that is how I got to here, trust me, I know that pain)… there really is a better way…. LET GO!!!  Completely!!

At the end of the day… there is no matter, so why does anything matter more than walking into Heaven on earth.  Eventually, everything and everyone will catch up!!

I feel like a child who just received the greatest Christ-mas present of all time.  And to the soul of Rick, I love you deeply… forever!!

To all my family playing in the fields of Light, Love and Shambhala… I cannot wait to share the rest of the story…tomorrow!!  The Heaven we dreamed about, hoped about is now being released unto us!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of blissful adventure to all!!

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