Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Short But Deliciously Sweet God Message On The Summer Solstice – 22 June 2012


[Hi God, happy summer solstice.] Hi Suzy, to you as well. I hope you know how very much you are loved. [Thank you. I think I do!] I have this message to give:  This day of the summer solstice is the beginning of the New Earth in earnest. Her preparations for this time are complete and all is on its divine schedule. Now all will know a truth of love and light on their journey of self expression. It is without exception that every soul on Earth is given its true origin as a Divine Master. How you decide to wear this experience is of your choosing. Give your heart permission to run the show, it is more than capable, for you all are Me and Creator in the form of You. It is only the illusion of 3-D life that supported your belief otherwise. Release and accept your greatness. Be in the light of truth. Picture life as your Nirvana. Quietly open your heart to being love. It is your destiny as a human on Earth today.

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