Tina Van Leuven – When The Shift Hits The Fan – 22 June 2012

you just have to laugh;) Yet what to do when this does not come naturally?…
I was having a great conversation with a dear friend yesterday and the topic came up of how people are managing the shifts and changes, and the speed with which it is all occurring, when they might not have any awareness of what is happening from an energy perspective.

Turns out she had just had this conversation with her husband and he mentioned that he had read an article about the costs of pharmaceuticals for health insurance companies. Apparently the most prescribed drugs in the Netherlands are… anti-depressants. In a country with a population of just over 16 million, the statistics were showing 1 million people use anti-depressants.
I was flabbergasted! And yet, on the other hand, not really surprised.
In a world where outer appearance has been running the show, isn’t it tragic that in order to keep up appearances, it has become ‘normal’ to pop some pills to be happy?
The Great Depression of last century is nothing compared to the depression millions are experiencing in the world today.
No wonder… if you are following someone else’s dreams for, or expectations of you, you will eventually burn out and crash…you can’t thrive while you’re beating yourself up with harsh critical (inner) commentaries, comparing yourself to others, expecting yourself to be someone you are not…
The shift has hit the fan… and what if this is good news?
What if this is a wake up call, to bring you home to your Self?
That Divine spark within you that is here to shine like a star… just waiting for you to allow your light to shine, to be seen… to honor the call of your heart… to trust that you are held and supported always… in ALL ways… even when it may not seem that way..

There is a video which always makes me laugh so much and if you ever feel less than joyful, this ought to snap you out of it in a jiffy;)
Enjoy… and I’d love to hear what this evokes from within you…

Wishing you a joyful weekend and many joyful blessings,
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