Visionkeeper – Focus On What Is Right! – 22 June 2012


The world is so backwards and upside down these days, it seems many people are concentrating on what is wrong in the world rather than what is right. Terrible idea. It is so important to see the good in all things, even the times that bring us to our knees. There is always a spark of good hidden within the bad, that good spark is what shows us other options to better ways of being and teaches us important lessons. To see only the bad going on around the world day in and day out, keeps us on a very low-frequency and you can’t get to 5D on that level.

We must rise above the madness and stay calm and vibrating at the loving higher frequencies by observing what is right instead of what is wrong. There is much goodness taking place in the world everyday, the dark ones just choose to not inform us of it but rather bombard us daily with terrible news to try to keep us beaten down. We will be beaten down if we continue to listen to the propaganda and negative news. Seek out websites that provide the positive so you can balance out your views on the world. In order to see life differently and lift ourselves up, we must seek out the positive in everything we do. Here are two sites you might enjoy. First site and second site . Go on Google and look up positive news sites, they are there if you take them time to look.

It is not always easy to be positive when times are challenging but try we must. It is best to practice concentrating on what is right in the world when things are going well. No point in slacking off just because all is well. We have been around the block enough in our lives to know we always go up and down, so put the good times to good use and practice! It is just a matter of training your mind to look for the good and sticking with it. As with anything, over a short period of time it will settle into your normal way of being and become a habit. We must work hard to change our lives ourselves, nobody else is going to do it for us.

Change is barreling down on us at 100 mph these days and if we do not see the positive sides to the change we will succumb to the pressures and uncertainties. Trust is also a key ingredient to positive thinking. Believing and trusting all will be well no matter what is going down. We are caught up in a war of frequencies and the dark ones know full well that love is the highest and most powerful frequency there is. They have stopped at nothing to bring us down and tear us apart in an attempt to keep us from gathering together in the frequency of love! But we are coming together in love and we are growing stronger everyday, as more people awaken. To win this frequency war we must all remain in the loving frequency in our hearts. Remember that if you wish to gain your freedom back!

If we are positive within, if we are love and light, if we stay anchored in our hearts through all the storms that come careening down the road at us, our journey will end when we finally shift our universal consciousness and ascend to the 5th dimension. It is underway right now. If you look around you carefully you can see changes taking place you never would have thought you’d see. Bills passing in the house you thought were dead on arrival, laws changing in our best interest, things are going on and it is well worth our while to take stock of what is happening and thank the universe for these changes. Seek out the truth of what is going on in the world and you can’t help but rustle up some hope and good will. Not all is bad and doomsday.

Blessings to you all,

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