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Max Igan – The Power Of Giving (4 Parts Video) – 23 June 2012

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Allison Rae – Life In Balance – 23 June 2012

As the Sun crossed into Cancer this evening, peace set in.

Beyond the exuberant eclipses and Venus transit in Gemini over the past few weeks, this Solstice offers a moment to pause, to integrate and set intent before the next round of volatile alignments. Continue reading


Kevin D. Annett – Breaking News Report: Catholic Prelate William Lynn Is Found Guilty – 23 June 2012

But What About Those That Ordered Him? Placing The Pope And Crimen Sollicitationis On Trial. How The Mighty Are Falling

Watching William Lynn go to jail is immensely pleasurable, partly because it reminds me of the rapid collapse of the Richard Nixon administration years ago, as the conviction of successive Presidential flunkies eventually led prosecutors right to the door of the Executive office. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Greece Asks Troika For Moon – 23 June 2012

It will be interesting to see how long the coalition in Greece will last after Germany shoots down Bailout Easing Proposals by Greece to ….

  • Cut the VAT
  • Freeze layoffs
  • Extend timeline to reduce its deficit by two years
  • Recapitalize lenders
  • Provide more help for the unemployed
  • Accelerate payments to providers of government services.

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General Bruce Carlson – Do You Defend The Constitution? – 23 June 2012

Uploaded by AviationWeek on 28 February 20o8 (Lucas:  Here is an example of One of those who have sworn to defend the  Constitution of the United States.  It is from 2008 but it gives you an insight of the thinking process!!)

Gen. Bruce Carlson, Commander, Air Force Materiel Command. The AFMC Four-Star makes it clear that something needs to be done to cut back on contractor protests of major procurements. He says $800 million has already been lost as a result of the CSAR-X protest. He was speaking just weeks before the Air Force is expects to announce the winner of the KC-X tanker program. Carlson was speaking at AVIATION WEEK’s Defense Technology & Requirements Conference.

Lisa Gawlas – From Here To The Fall Equinox – Constructing Heaven On Earth! – 23 June 2012

The rich deep soil of June really is giving way to something incredible.  As I anticipated, the field and the readings have changed…. again!!  I so wish they would toss me the new play book before we get into readings!!  I swear spirit just loves to watch me sweat!! Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Activate Your Dreams – 23 June 2012

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Daydreaming is such a wonderful adventure, kind of like lucid dreaming on steroids. We sit back and space off into our dreams and watch ourselves doing and being and having all of our hearts desires. So now is the time to take that daydreaming to a whole new level and begin manifesting what we desire. What good are dreams if they just stay dreams? People dream and long for certain things for their life yet they feel let down when their dreams never materialize. Continue reading

Nick Allen – Stockton, California, Set To Be Biggest US City To Be Declared Bankrupt – 23 June 2012

When 10,000 citizens of Stockton, California sang along with Neil Diamond at the opening of their city’s shiny new concert hall it seemed like the good times would roll forever.

It was 2006 and local officials were happy to pay the musician $1 million in taxpayers’ money to perform Sweet Caroline as they rode high on the back of a turbocharged housing market. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From Ann And The Angels – 23 June 2012

Message from the Angels
My dear friends, we love you so very much.

What you want most in your life dear ones is a feeling of connection to the light and love of God. You can find this in so many ways! You can find it in meditation as you silence your mind and connect with the love within you. You can find this connection with other souls with whom you deeply resonate. You can find it in nature, with your children, your pets, or your gardens. For the truth remains, God is in all things and if you take a moment to simply appreciate what or who is in front of you, there you will begin to see the light and love of God as well. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto – 23 June 2012

(Lucas : Are they (senators and congress) turning around or are they becoming afraid of the power of the people as they keep ignoring them! They should not only require labelling it but forbit all the GMO everywhere and sue Monsanto.)