Suzanne Posel – US Government Gives Classified Tesla Technology To UN For Sustainable Development Scheme (!?) – 23 June 2012

(Lucas: This information gives you a glimpse of what already is and was possible. Tesla had a car that wireless was recharged and drove around without ever charging or fuelling if you want. I am said to say the YouTube video of Ford’s car in the seventies that was an electric car is lost or removed. The care  could drive about a 500 KM radius and also could do 120 KM per Hour says maybe guess what the car was not produced because of the fossil fuels lobby and the greed of the cabal. There is more technology now already available what is not seen by the “normal” people. We have been kept from it on purpose and most applications are used for military or control purposes without knowing us about it. The better uses are not demonstrated to us. We will see them shortly all be released or used for the better of all mankind. Just a hint : Why would SAAB cars be an electric car builder for a Chinese/Asian Venture?  The grid less energy transfer and non polluting new wireless technology even the coming free energy will shift us to a new level. Now here after the article follows). 

Wireless energy transfer (WET), a.k.a. wireless energy transmission, is the transference of electromagnetic energy transmitted from a central power source without the use of connecting wires.

Tesla’s coil experiments, proving the feasibility of WET, during his experiments in Colorado in the early 1900s were the pre-cursor to the “inventions” in this field today.

After Tesla died, the US government confiscated all documents pertaining to his experiments and classified them. Since the 1950s the US government has held this technology in secret.

In the UK, the induction power transfer (IPT) is the first commercially available wireless electric car charger. HaloIPT, a start-up corporation, has released this technology in certain areas of England’s motorways or car parks. Electric cars will be charged automatically when the integrated receiver pad is enabled.

General Motors (GM) has invested $5 million into a wireless charging device called PowerMat that uses inductive charging, which transmits electricity via magnets without any actual, physical connection. Since GM is owned by the US government, their new device may have more to do with the release of certain Tesla technology covertly.

Marin Soljačić, assistant professor at MIT, searching for ways to transmit power wirelessly, focused on mid-range power that could charge portable devices, such as cell phones, PDAs and laptops. Using the phenomenon of resonant coupling, Soljačić was able to tune two objects to the same frequency to exchange energy.

Magnetic resonance can freely transfer magnetic fields with little effect on the surrounding environment. This technique enables devices to automatically recharge by wireless transfer.

Soljačić attracted the attention of the US Department of Defense (DoD); which is now funding more projects to perfect the technology. According to their Fiscal Year 2012 Operational Energy Budget Certification Report, they are researching experiments to facilitate the energy required for military operations. In the name of national security, the DoD is “directly [supporting] military operations [that] require a steady supply of energy for mission success”. WET technology obviously would expedite this need.

In conjunction with the “2009 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) directed theappointment of a Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs in the DoD . . . are coordinating and overseeing program activities related to the implementation of operational energy [strategies], research and development, investments” for the exclusive use of the US government.

Dr. Heinz Schandal, lead researcher for the Social Systems, Institutions and Governance in the Social and Economic Sciences Program at CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, is working with governments and local communities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region to make “recommendations” regarding industrial and developing nations, and their relationship to sustainability.

The Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University is turning toward WET to answer global energy needs. Soljačić’s technique for resonance transfer of magnetic fields is the perfect technology to further the UN’s movement toward governance over the world’s use of electricity.

The UN admonishes carbon dioxide emissions as the direct causation to global warming (although this theory has been debunked by empirical scientific data). With wireless energy transmission, Jerome Glenn, director of the Millennium Project, claims they will avert a “potentially catastrophic” global problem “and eventually open up new energy sources such as solar panels in Earth’s orbit.”

Funding for the UN’s new control endeavor is coming from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in collaboration with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Electric Power Research Institute.

Essentially, the US government is working with the UN to develop wireless energy transmission technology for the express use of the UN.

The support of the US government in the schemes of global governance of the UN locks this once independent nation into being an accessory to the march of the globalist Elite toward one world government. link to original article

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