Visionkeeper – Activate Your Dreams – 23 June 2012

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Daydreaming is such a wonderful adventure, kind of like lucid dreaming on steroids. We sit back and space off into our dreams and watch ourselves doing and being and having all of our hearts desires. So now is the time to take that daydreaming to a whole new level and begin manifesting what we desire. What good are dreams if they just stay dreams? People dream and long for certain things for their life yet they feel let down when their dreams never materialize.

Dreams will stay dreams unless we take action! One can’t just dream and hope something will happen, we have to learn how to use our intention, how to believe it into being. We have to want what we want with all of our being, we have to not only envision ourselves with whatever it is we want, but also imagine how it feels to finally have it. How does it change your life, who do you become when you get it? Then see yourself from then on out already having it. This works for ‘things’ like wanting a certain house. If what you are dreaming about is a new way of life, that requires you taking action physically. If you want your life to change you have to physically take the steps to acquire it. If you want to be a doctor then go to school and work hard to manifest that into being.

Wishing and hoping is a dead-end street. We need to activate our belief system within and make things happen! We have to believe we can do or be whatever we desire to do or be. Once again it is we ourselves that control the process. If we do not have a strong belief in ourselves and in the universe to provide for us, then doubt will halt the process. Trust and belief is the gasoline that makes our dream creation run ,as well as all of life. We cannot live a productive and fulfilling life with doubt that lingers within. This is what surrendering is all about, handing over our trust to the universe.

Life is too short to not actively pursue our dreams and bring them into being. If we just sit and dream then we spend our whole life wanting but never getting what we desire. This new house I am in now I saw and actively dreamed about for a year. I knew what area I wanted to live in and used to drive up the roads and see myself living up there. Before too long a house came on the market in that exact location. I went to see it and wanted it but I had to sell my house first. Summer ended with no takers and so I took my house off the market and figured the dream was probably over, but I kept envisioning it.

I think it took so long for the dream to materialize because I mistakenly kept envisioning my having the new house, but I forgot to envision my own house selling first. I drew the new house floor plans as best as I could remember them and figured out where furniture could go, I saw my gardens and chose which flowers I would plant. As winter ended and spring began to flirt with us, I received a note card from the owners of the house I wanted in the mail asking me if I still wanted to buy their house as they would like to buy mine. I remember standing at the mailbox that day realizing my life was about to change again forever and my dream began unfolding.

It is time we stop taking life and the time we spend here on earth for granted. We have lived forever with the meme stuck in our heads that there is always tomorrow. Talk about high risk living! That is such a dangerous assumption for our lives can always end in an instant when we least expect it to happen. It is time to make a promise to ourselves to live each moment as if it were our last. Create a bucket list for yourself and begin today going after each dream on your list. The only thing stopping us from acquiring what we want is ourselves. We allow our self-doubt and fears to creep in and slam the door shut on our dreams. Let’s stop wasting our life dreaming and instead spend it living out our dreams. Let’s go for the gusto and be all that we can be.

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