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Drake Update After Radio Show About UN Agenda 21 – 24 June 2012

Drake wants you to have available these links he has spoken about and mailed me to put them on the net.

Therefore I post them here:

Link PDF UN Agenda 21: link to original final document UN 21 Agenda

Link to article examiner.com about agreement Nations  on Agenda 21 link to article examiner.com about agreement on Agenda 21

Joan Moretti Link : link to sd2012.org via Joan Moretti



Lucas – A Lot Of False Flags And Deceptions To Draw Away The Attention From The UN 21 Agenda New World Order Government Finalizing – 24 June 2012

The news travels in some certain ways not fast as people are distracted seeing  the bigger picture and things happening now.  There are now on some levels actions taken or plans instated as a last effort from the global dark cabal families to bring a New World Order to our world at whatever cost.  Continue reading

Montague Keen – 24 June 2012

It was great for John [John Mack] and I to be able to give you so much information this week. It is important that you understand better what is going on. John was able to explain why so much emphasis is being put on the London Olympics, so as to ensure that you do not notice what the Cabal is doing elsewhere. They are not of your planet, this is why they can run rings around you. Humans have been dumbed down so that they can be kept under control. You, naturally have standards; they do not. The Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it’s all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks. Nothing on your planet would be effective against them. You are actually at war on several levels. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Capital Controls Hit Spain : Government Laws Prohibit Cash Transactions Over €2,500; Minimum Fine Of €10,000 For Failure To Report Foreign Accounts – 24 June 2012

If Spain is seeking further instability, a new law on financial transactions is sure to do just that. Via Google Translate, Spain passes a law limiting cash payments to 2,500 euros.

Key Provisions

  • Minimum fine of  €10,000 for taxpayers who do not report their foreign accounts.
  • Fine of  €5,000 for each additional account
  • Cash transactions greater than €2,500 prohibited
  • Cash transaction restrictions apply to individuals and businesses Continue reading

Dean Henderson – The Intel Hub – Get Back To The Garden – 24 June 2012

(Excerpted from my newly released book, Stickin’ it to the Matrix: Chapter 10)

Urbanization could well be the most dangerous trend on the planet. Cities are designed by the matrix, for the matrix and of the matrix.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited different countries and witnessed the misery and plight of the urban poor in sharp contrast to the lives of happiness and relative ease I’ve seen among the rural poor in those same developing nations. Continue reading

Wes Annac – SanJAsKA : Starship Contacts And The Integration Of Lower Energies – 24 June 2012

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your ongoing processes thus far have been those of continually expanding and opening yourselves to new experiences and possibilities that you can now transform and bring into your reality and your perception of just what can and can’t be possible within your realms of experience. For so very long on your world, the general collective of humanity have been holding themselves back in that they perceive of a reality that is so very constricted, so very limited in the face of the true and pure realms of experience, consciousness and perception that lay just beyond the ever-fading horizon between your experiences and those of the unfiltered higher realms. Continue reading

Michael Talbot – Synchronicity And The Holographic Universe – 24 June 2012

This fascinating interview with Michael Talbot can be enjoyed in short version (27:00 min) on YouTube below, or you can listen to the entire show at the link below. Let me add if this subject fascinates your curiosity then you can actually experience the holographic universe by learning to how live in the quantum vortex and learning how to source your Oversoul’s presence that lives in all time, all space in the Highest dimensions in the pool of Source Light, the Godhead…whatever you term the consciousness of the Divine Mother/Father. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Becoming The Unified Tree Of Life That Is Shambhala – 24 June 2012

I think I underestimated the fullness, the potency, of that solstice energy that was released (still being released) onto the earth plane.

I did except the landscape of readings to change, which it did.  But what I don’t think I realized until right now, the energy of the readings have changed, tremendously.  I read a combination of the “field” of life that is you, as well as the Light of your Soul energy.  There is so much more pure soul energy unfolding on the field, in my conscious awareness.  I am becoming, I am not sure what the correct word would be… loopy isn’t even close, yet, I can use it as a description.  More expanded, but yet, even more than that. Continue reading

Global Voice 2012 Radio Network – Drake’s Vital Weekend Update – 24 June 2012

Drake’s Vital Weekend Update

(upcoming show sunday or when not in your timezone then go back the day after to hear the show, Show Start Sun, June 24, 2012 07:00PM)

Call in to speak with the host :  (646) 716-4984

Larry Larson – Twelve Insight Journal – 24 June 2012

Your vibration and the evolution of it is indeed the cause of what you call time. In our perspective there is only now, and your sum vibrational content now, always evolving and changing. Always in the moment of growth. The very concept of stillness is an illusion based on the illusion of time. In other words stillness is not exactly a real possibility. That is why when you sit in quiet meditation you discover that the world is not so still as it seems; that things are constantly in motion even though they seem still by degrees. Continue reading