Larry Larson – Twelve Insight Journal – 24 June 2012

Your vibration and the evolution of it is indeed the cause of what you call time. In our perspective there is only now, and your sum vibrational content now, always evolving and changing. Always in the moment of growth. The very concept of stillness is an illusion based on the illusion of time. In other words stillness is not exactly a real possibility. That is why when you sit in quiet meditation you discover that the world is not so still as it seems; that things are constantly in motion even though they seem still by degrees.

The degree of separation that you have from the present moment is the only possible way you can be assured of the existence of anything. That is, if you cannot separate yourself out from it, you cannot be aware of its separate existence. And of course that separation is itself an illusion when qualified with the totality of your True Being.

When you are the One-Being—All That IS—then you are unaware of things like separateness and motion and time. It is only your sense of separation that allows these things (and the people, places and things of your world) to exist for you. Independently of All That IS you have no separate existence.

The stoppage of time is the re-union with Oneness. Seeking it in meditation is a bit like looking for the glasses stuck on your forehead though. The simple act of looking for something that is somehow lost implies the very separation from it, and therefore prevents your realizing that you already are it.

Thus you have already arrived at the place where time is no longer. Time does not exist in the present moment, nor do any of the separate things; only now and the Fullness of Being. You are not evolving…you are choosing—sorting through the toy chest in a way, looking for that which will please you. You are already All-That-IS.

As you are, we see you.
~Twelve.  link to original article


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