Lucas – A Lot Of False Flags And Deceptions To Draw Away The Attention From The UN 21 Agenda New World Order Government Finalizing – 24 June 2012

The news travels in some certain ways not fast as people are distracted seeing  the bigger picture and things happening now.  There are now on some levels actions taken or plans instated as a last effort from the global dark cabal families to bring a New World Order to our world at whatever cost. 

The plan was a long time to get Iran as a trigger tso pull a World War III  but that was blocked, then Syria came along and a new plan via the NATO was thought of as a trigger to get a war going.  Israel was also a possible trigger to pull a war over.  The trigger this time is the Turkish military jet shot down by Syria. This what was normally not called as an action of war and was resolved easily diplomatic or otherwise behind the screens is now called an act of war. The NATO is coming together to discuss this and maybe this will be a request for help from Turkey that has to be answered by the members with help.

Other false flags in the USA are the Supreme Court rulings that are due on some issues Obama has put out there. Also coming events the put a fear mongering about to hit the Olympics in london etc, will not happen. The above false flags and distractions will hit enough information in the news that will swamp the real issue that is utmost important and is taking place:  “the UN 21 Agenda World government in stating on the Rio 20+ top summit”.

In Europe the ESM (European Stability Mechanism Treaty) issue is not getting established as the EU Cabal was intending. So they try to deepen the crisis and austerity and or disrupt or even rig elections to minimize  you the people to stand up and end this fun and game to totally enslave and own you.  This so-called financial and fiscal treaty had also in its text the nasty dictatorship of a non democratic unaccountable in  any way even before law agency.

That I have already addressed some time ago in the blog. What is happening is the in stating via Agenda 21  a world government, world financial and fiscal system, a world judicial system and a world law enforcement and military group all under the mum of a sustainable green cover up. I am sorry to say the UN 21 Agenda has nothing to do anymore with sustainability but is already by before instated treaties become an instrument to work towards the goal of ONE world Government by elites and the dark cabal.  Parts of the intended do already exist The IMF/World Bank – The International Court at The Hague The Netherlands, The UN- Forces under command by or for  UN.

People Wake Up! Wake your fellow-man up. Take action in a peaceful way.

Love and Light,


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Update 25 June 2012:  this is an example of what I am talking about how things can be staged: CONFIRMED: US CIA Arming Terrorists in Syria link to original article


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