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Lucas – In The Spirit Of Oneness We Are Called – 25 June 2012

In our endeavours and challenges in this spiritual quest to ascension we have endured the darkest duality till the littlest of negativity in the last stages of our 3 D lives.  We are learning again to talk the talk and walk the walk with our heart thinking center. It is a journey of hills and of steep walls and narrow bridges to pass and making choices along the road and choices in what road to take.  We are back on track always as the spirit of oneness calls. We need to follow it and see that those obstacles and difficulties just where that of ego and the mind. The illusionary blockage is blasted away and will show you an other reality you never have seen. Continue reading


Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Greek Finance Minister Resigns Before Being Sworn In; Cyprus Seeks Bailout From Euro Zone Partners – 25 June 2012

(Lucas: After Spain made its request official for a bailout by 100 Bn Euros the rest follows in line as forseen.)

One might think the the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece would have enough common sense to not appoint a finance minister with a history of medical problems. One might also think a person with known medical problems would turn down the position if offered because of the obvious stress. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Current Energies Summary – 25 June 2012

Current Energies Summary – As Broadcast on Cosmic Vision News
We are experiencing back to back eclipses, transits and alignments this year that are propelling us into unprecedented evolutionary acceleration. As the Earth lines up with these super powerful points in our skies, it is like turning the dial on a safe and when you get the right code, click, the door opens. So, with every alignment this year a doorway has opened, often called a stargate, because it opens the way for a rush of galactic energy from the universe, from other star systems and other dimensions, to flood onto our planet, energy that we haven’t had access to for at least 26,000 years if not longer in this exact same way.  It is not any one alignment on it’s own that is triggering our shift.  However, when we experience a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments – a Solar Eclipse on Alcyone the central sun of the Pleiades, a Venus transit, alignment with the Galactic Centre  – this sets up the conditions that led the ancients to foresee that these times would herald great change upon this planet, a great awakening.    Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Lady Nada, Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin – Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Body Shifts – 25 Jun 2012

Divine Goddess blessings and love flow in abundance to embrace you in the heavenly motherlyenergies. We, Lady Nada, Mother Mary and Lady Quan Yin are uniting our energy andconsciousness so that we may speak to you as one directly to the oneness energy within your being.

Due to our identical intentions and the merging of our energy vibration our energy holds greaterpower and loving strength as we connect with your being at this moment. We are always focusingupon empowering the Goddess light; by connecting our energies with each other and projecting ourconsciousness to you we are able to empower your own Goddess vibration and light. Continue reading

The Galactic Free Press – A Message From The Earth-Allies : Real Love Is Simply This… – 25 June 2012

Real Love Simply is this…..LOVE IS REAL because it is WHOLE…Peace is Real because it is balance…GOD IS REAL because HE~SHE is Eternal…What is not Eternal,Whole, and Balanced is not REAL…It does not exist…and has no consequence at all…Our task is to Reveal what is REAL…As we do this , we Reveal the nature of what isn’t…It is that simple. Continue reading

Bernie Sanders At It Again – His Citizins United Amendment – 25 June

Oh the Rich, By the Rich, For the Rich – by Bernie Sanders    Source: Sanders.Senate.gov  / http://www.jeanhaine6.wordpress.com link to original article

WASHINGTON, June 25 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement today after the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a Montana Supreme Court ruling that allowed limits on campaign contributions: Continue reading

Cobra – Portal 2012 – Uranus Square Pluto – Archons Activity – 25 June 2012

I would like to bring to your attention that this Sunday, June 24th, was the exact time of Uranus-Pluto square, a very powerful astrological alignment that brings much tension into the air.
This influence is most intense in the time window between June 21st and June 28th. This is the timeframe that major non-physical Archons set for the beginning of a violent revolution and civil war. They are hoping to spread this worldwide to create chaos in order to help their physical counterparts hide away from the mass arrest sweeps. That will not help them, even if they try to hide in Uganda. Rest assured that the Light forces know where they are in every moment. Continue reading

Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – It Has Become Impossible For The Cabal To Hide The Truth; They Are Being Defeated – 25 June 2012

Last week the cabal controlled media in the West tried to pretend the Rio summit was a failure even though $513 billion was pledged by 100 nations to fight poverty and environmental destruction. It was a cabal failure because $513 billion that, in the past, would have been handed over to the rich by the poor is instead being given by middle income countries to the poorest countries. This is undeniable proof the international boycott of the war-mongering, mass murdering leaders of the United States and many European countries is intensifying. The cabalists are trying to pass the pain on to their own slave people and this is why there is a “financial crisis” in the West. Continue reading

Graham Dewyea – Steve Beckow – Linda Dillon – An Hour With An Angel – InLight Blogtalkradio – 25 June 2012

Today on the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, Archangel Michael advised us not to fall into fear and not to embrace the old dramas and paradigms of the Third Dimension as events unfold.

( Here is the Directlink if you wanna listen tonight at 2 AM :  otherwise listen to it tomorrow when you can : Direct Link to Inlight Blogtalkradio Show An Hour With An Angel 26th June 2012) Continue reading

Rio20+ and Agenda 21 – Lord Monckton Breaks Down The Rio Conference (Including My Opinion) – 25 June 2012

Uploaded on 23 June 2012 by  . Thanks Dennis! Continue reading