Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 25 June 2012

(Lucas : I personally do not think we have to wait nor can wait till the fall or whatever is said by Fulford for the freedom for the people of the USA and Europe. Furthermore the nuclear issue will not take place as said divine intervention has taken place and will take place to prevent nuclear attacks again. I know Benjamin has difficulties with ET and their part played. But he will see what will be done. The freedom fighters and oathkeepers are never alone and will be supported as they go to free the people of the dark cabal and banksters and their minions with consent of We The People.  This time I discern myself from his answer and message. What you do is your discernment as I have told you to do yourselves again and again.)

RE: who

hi ben, i have read all about you and what you are trying to do for our world. i just have question that needs to be answered. since the chinese secret society knows whats been happening for years now with new evidence against the cabals, why is barack Obama still in office.  why are they letting him slide for his plans for world domination for passing a new law saying that most people in us and soon around the world people are going to b arrest for no reason and not having a fair trial. like i got my self in trouble with law this my first actually and they have not been going easy on me. ima good kid but followed a very dumb person. iv’e been on house arrest for 4 months and 24 days with out getting my sentence.  im very interest with what the C.S.S. (chinese secret society) is trying to accomplish for our world. there is so much info about saying that mass arrest is not true i am choosing to believe that the mass arrest is being in effect as we speak. i just need some anwsers and to be able to  relax. a 16 year old kid should not be worrying about these kinda of things. i just want to see Barack Obama arrested and the rest of the cabal families. we could live in a world with out these scumbags old men that is trying to make the NWO. thumbs up to the C.S.S. U GUYS HAVE MY RESPECT AND I HOPE U GUYS SUCCESSES IN YOUR PLANS TO END THESE SCUM BAGS IN 2012.

Answer Fulford :
A lot of people have been asking why the arrests do not take place. The answer is that the cabalists are surrounded by about 30,000 highly paid armed guards. Also, they control the US military and its nuclear arsenal. They have been trying to start WW3. It means we have a hostage situation and that requires patience as we slowly cut them off from their money.
That is the bad news.
The good news is that apart from the US and Europe, most of the rest of the world has already freed itself from their rule. Last week they promised $513 billion to help poor people and the environment. A few years ago that $513 billion would have been handed over, no questions asked, to the cabal.
We do not know when the final liberation of the US and Europe will take place but we are hoping for some good news in the autumn. In the meantime, keep to the moral high ground and do not give them any excuse to bully you. Then, if they do bully you, you can charge them with a crime. Good luck and rest assured that most of the rest of your long life you will be free. link to original article

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