Jelaila Starr – The Niburian Council – Weekly Message – Establishing Your Truth In 2012 – 25 June 2012

Uploaded on 24 June 2012 by .Thanks to all who sent words of support after last week’s message, Don’t Shoot the Messenger.”  Brought tears to my eyes and made me once again realize why I keep doing this work.
Afterward I was thinking about it and noted perhaps it was time to share a reminder on how to determine one’s truth during these times of information overload …and questionable leadership.

Back in 1997 my guides made the following statement, “The day will come when people will literally be losing their minds.”  They did so in relation to the final months leading up the Great Shift at the end of 2012 and I think we can all agree that we are now living in them.

That statement made over a decade ago left me feeling both distrubed and curious. What would that time look like?  What would be happening?   Now we know.  On a national level, we here in the USA live in a time when war is a constant (war on terrorism).  We are waking up to the fact that we live in a police state now that our constitutional rights have been taken away.  On a global level, weather related problems that are so severe and intense that many have become somewhat desensitized to all but the most extreme.  We are facing financial catastrophe with one country after another bankrupt.   At the same time, we are fast becoming a financially enslaved society here in the US and in many other countries.  Many have lost their homes and jobs and struggle to make it through each day.  I can feel my blood pressure rise just writing these words, how about you?  Yes, people are so terrified at a world gone crazy that they are literally losing their minds.

Most of us recognize that we are at a crisis point and history shows that when humans reach such points they look for saviors, someone to follow, someone to believe in.  But how we handle this crisis point, since it is occurring at a pivotal time in our evolution, will not only determine our future here on Earth, but our ability to emerge as a mature race, respected within the galactic community.  Moreover, it will determine whether we fulfill our divine destiny as peacemakers in the universe.  This brings me to the point of this article; how do we determine our truth.   How do we navigate through these final days and all the craziness? Who do we trust to lead us through chaos?

There are a couple of articles that I wrote a few years back in response to the statement that my guides made that explained how to establish your truth.
Establishing Your Truth:
Establishign Your Multidimensional Truth
Each article covers those principles along with when and how to apply them.  I recommend you take the time to read both.  They will help you quickly dispel the confusion and frustration you may feel about who and what to believe.  But for the sake of expediency, I’ll restate a few key points here.

The goal in integration of the Light and the Dark

We came into this world as souls having a physical experience.  But why, what is the purpose?  The purpose is to have yet another chance to integrate some aspect of the Dark polarity.   Integration in this case means finding the value and purpose of that dark aspect and how it contributes to our ability to evolve.

The Dark ultimately serves the Light

As souls in physical form, we are unable to turn our eyeballs inward to view our beliefs and thus see how they cause us to behave in certain ways.  Fortunately, we have the option to ask other souls to help us by acting out those beliefs and behaviors. (We make these soul contracts before we incarnate.)  If a soul agrees to do this, they must endure our rejection, judgment and anger as long as it takes for us to wake up and remember.  This is why we say that the Dark, meaning any soul playing out a dark role, ultimately serves the Light.  Once we wake up and remember the contract and learn the lesson, we have grown and evolved.

Everything has a purpose and value

Now that I’ve explained soul contracts and roles, this final point makes more sense.  Anything that we see as bad is simply a contract being played out by the souls involved.  Contracts can be between individuals, families, communities, nations and even global and galactic.  Back to finding your truth and who to believe in.

When wading through the copious amounts of information being shared and the numerous terrestrial and extraterrestrial individuals and groups stepping forward to be leaders, you will find it easier to determine what to believe if you apply these three higher concepts.

Do the research

I know it is easier to just make decisions about what and who to believe based on whether it resonates but now that so much confusion is occurring, that is a luxury we cannot afford.  Our souls expect us to stand in our own power and that can only come from knowing why we know what we know.  Saying we don’t have time to research is not a good enough reason because it still leaves us in a disempowered position.  Only when we have done the research to know why we believe can we stand strong.  There will be many who will be very savvy at leading us astray.  Research prevents us from making devastating choices that could cost us more than we wish to pay.

In closing, this has been a long journey of evolution for us here on Earth.  The final act is about to be played.  Let’s stay together and finish strong…the world we desire awaits.In service,
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