Lucas – In The Spirit Of Oneness We Are Called – 25 June 2012

In our endeavours and challenges in this spiritual quest to ascension we have endured the darkest duality till the littlest of negativity in the last stages of our 3 D lives.  We are learning again to talk the talk and walk the walk with our heart thinking center. It is a journey of hills and of steep walls and narrow bridges to pass and making choices along the road and choices in what road to take.  We are back on track always as the spirit of oneness calls. We need to follow it and see that those obstacles and difficulties just where that of ego and the mind. The illusionary blockage is blasted away and will show you an other reality you never have seen.

In every increasing vibrations of the god source and the love of our mother earth we are lifted in a new reality. We see now energy as what it is.  We will see all as a vibrational frequency that has form by thought and created patterns  of thought and has been given its own unique vibrational energy construct. Now you know why we still can be different and still be one in all that is. The secret is no more as it has been lifted by this insight. You are free now to evolve in your vibrational energy pattern to the higher forms of energy and as light is a form of that vibration,  the lightbeings you always were, are and will be.

Feel the freedom in this insight of the  spirit of oneness that has been with you in many forms as creator, your guides and angels and your alien brothers and sisters and lightbeings in,  upon and above your planet Gaia. In our and Gaia’s  ascension we will make way and are the explorers of the new universe that will be. All will follow our lead to this great new cycle of adventures.  A never-ending creation in unconditional love vibration will be our destiny.

We are called in the spirit of oneness to take our task in the now serious and share our knowledge and help others that need to be led back on the road the spirit has paved. There is always time as there is none. Therefore no one is too late or does not end the journey.  Feel and see the love vibration in your heart, around your and in others and anything.  That is your sign and candle on your road you never can miss. Where there is love no dark will be.  So you love is your guide and you key. Ask it for help on it will be your compass towards the Oneness and ascension. Love will open all that is closed your master-key.

Be love.

Love and Light,


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