Rio20+ and Agenda 21 – Lord Monckton Breaks Down The Rio Conference (Including My Opinion) – 25 June 2012

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Lucas:  I am not into the Lord Monckton left right, green red, marxist/democrats, etc.  I do not care that much about that in representatives as they are all not doing what they should have done, stop the conference and go home. It  was an unlawful gathering to overthrow the world and give it a NWO government. In Lord Monckton’s  statement after 2.50 minutes there is the word said.

Yes it was a conference and attempt to get us a NWO and World Government as planned long under the veil of the sustainability, global warming and green issues, as I stated yesterday already.  But Lord Monckton says it failed. I am not that convinced about the final conference declaration and its agreements and failing Agenda 21’s partial hidden goals. That has to be researched in dept.  I will say only this all the representatives that have been aware of the hidden goals of the Agenda 21 /Rio 20+  agenda ( which should be the most attending) should be arrested for treason. All over the world those who have been knowingly misleading the democratic principles and constitutions of countries and unalienable rights of the sovereign people of this world and misled their  parliaments and governments  (if they have not known already about it and therefore should be arrested) should be arrested for treason. There should be a Nuremberg Trial for crimes against humanity on this UN – instated Agenda 21 Conference called Rio 20+  and its predecessor agreements to make clear it will never be  tolerated anymore that the sovereign rights of the people of this planet, their unalienable rights even acknowledged in The Human Rights Charter have been compromised, dishonoured and almost abolished from existence and that is a crime against humanity as the goal was total control and enslavement of the planet thereby its resources in the hand of a few. This is my opinion as I am entitled to it as I am a free person.

Thinking about the above written I must say it was written from the mind not from the unconditional loving and compassionate heart in this extreme flow of negative news.  Therefore I have to say that those who will be arrested for crimes against the people and against humanity are also human and  should be trialed but have to be given the chance to rehabilitate and become lightbeings again as we all are.  This does not mean they have not to be accountable for their crimes and stand trial in some sort of way. But the new golden age is not anymore about retaliation, punishment and dead. It is about love, oneness, forgiveness, compassion and healing.  We have to learn that we can shout war or doom and we will get it.  If we ask freedom and unconditional love we have to act upon that and speak what we preach. So let this be a warning that we do not get rounding up people like a bunch of evil cowboys on the loose that shoot and lynch all even without asking.  This is not the way.  Let the fear go and know all will go as the creator has decreed and we should act upon. We will return to our state of oneness and being unconditional love vibration of the 5th kind.  We will see the new coming true and the last fear mongering/skirmish and acts of the dark ones will vanish.  We already have won.

Love and Light,