The Galactic Free Press – A Message From The Earth-Allies : Real Love Is Simply This… – 25 June 2012

Real Love Simply is this…..LOVE IS REAL because it is WHOLE…Peace is Real because it is balance…GOD IS REAL because HE~SHE is Eternal…What is not Eternal,Whole, and Balanced is not REAL…It does not exist…and has no consequence at all…Our task is to Reveal what is REAL…As we do this , we Reveal the nature of what isn’t…It is that simple.

Spirituality is not an escape….its function is to lead to THE TRUTH…You see even an Ego can use spirituality for its own purposes…just as anything else…Fear is nothing more than a self imposed block to the Experience of Love…In illusion Humanity chose to see themselves contrary to Who They Truly were..NOW THIS IS ALL CHANGING~

..IN TRUTH HUMANITY IS THE EXPERIENCE OF Love, LIGHT, BRILLIANCE AND TRUTH…fear [ the shadow and cave humanity has been hiding in] is an attempt to block the vision of themselves…to not see themselves as they truly are[stepping outside of the cave they will] …

Humanity has convinced itself it is weak, vulnerable and open to attack….THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE…What IS Created Whole cannot be divided…but can be falsely perceived …and this is the role of Fear [ False evidence appearing real covering the Light and Brilliance Humanity Truly is ]…to perceive Perfection as imperfect…and to see what is Really True Reality as false IS the ego/mind attempting to cover up LOVE,BRILLIANCE,LIGHT and TRUTH and in TRUTH All of Humanity IS PURE LIGHT TRUTH, and LOVE….

Love announces and speaks Truth from the heart. Truth is truth and can only be Love.

Only Love can see Brilliance looking at Brilliance, as in True Reality, Heaven On Earth, we are mirrors of perfecting Love and only our Brilliance, our SUNS, diamonds inside, can see INSIDE OUT the Reflection Of Love Everwhere Present, and that is when life becomes REAL.

Love is REAL and when the true being can truly see from the inside out, then the walls and divisions from the imprisoned mind aka ego programmed hell dissolve.

The ego is unable to see true reality, it exists in the mind not the heart of the inner being. The ego runs from the truth, because it wants to stay alive, and in the Presence of Truth, ego dies.This is Why We are Here On The Planet. Our Presence of Pure Love a Vibrational Frequency of the Highest Love , means no egos can survive our energy, inevitbley so.

Within Love there exists no separation, no isolation and so the ego or program cannot go into this new energy of Only Love. All that exists in the Energy Now that has been Firmly Established is Pure~unconditional Love, Peace, True Family, True Peace, Oneness, Equality, Overflowing Joy,every moment miracles and the Grandness and The Brilliance of the truth of your inner being, the ego is blind to this truth, and those choosing to serve the ego in denial of the Truth.

The Greatest Joy, We Mother and Father God are is the Joy you are, your Joy Is Love’s Miracle. Joy comes from the understanding and the experience of what TRUTH really is. When you are constantly present and living in the moment, you are then in the experience of true reality, and all you experience is JOY.

What is it to be a MIRACLE? Breathing life in and out and being constantly present.

We are here to give yourselves back to yourselves.We are examples and have awakened into our hearts to show the way out of duality, the old piscean age of seperation and into pure and true Christ Consciousness or Heaven consciousness.

Welcome Children this is the Golden age. We  found ourselves and then awoke into Full, Pure Consciousness the only Truth. You cannot get there through your mind, only by releasing that which you are not and becoming the love you truly are, will You Reach The Greatest Joy that will continue in overflowing and grander ways to experience.

This 2012 the TRUTH WILL BE GROUNDED and the TRUTH WINS NOW~ Only TRUTH may stand AS all illusion fades away and we are here and prepared with our hearts and hands ready to assist, WITH a hand up into THE REAL, Where ALL Love IS.


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~We Love You~


Love The Earth Allies

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