Alabama Leads The Rebellion Against UN Agenda 21 – 26 June 2012

[Note from Wes Annac: For those who don’t know, Agenda 21 is what the cabals are attempting to push through to finally enact their dreams of a one world government among other things. We’ve been told by the Light forces that such agendas will NOT be allowed through and this is a testament to that.]

It’s been such a long time that there’s been good news I can hardly contain my excitement at the prospect that state legislators are actually hearing the voice of the people and protecting them from the overreach of United Nations Agenda 21.  Alabama leads the way – what state will step up to this challenge next?  It’s a smart move since more and more people are waking up to how the UN has infiltrated our country through the back door of just about every local and county government, under the guise of helping them plan a “sustainable” future.

Alabama Senate Majority Whip Gerald Dial

Way to go Alabama and Gerald Dial!!!!

By a unanimous vote of both houses of the Alabama Legislature, Senate Bill 477 was passed, essentially confirming that the state no longer will cooperate with the “Agenda for the 21st Century,” known as UN Agenda 21.

The uncomplicated, three-page legislation titled “The Due Process for Property Rights Act” was proposed by Alabama Senate Majority Whip Gerald Dial, and affirms, “The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in or traceable to Agenda 21.”

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The irony here is that this legislation in Alabama was passed just before the RIO +20 EnviroNazi Summit in Brazil – I wonder if they are paying attention to these state level blocks to their progress? link to article / link to original article

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