Lucas – As Predicted The Fearmongering And Unconstitutional Behaviour Go Further – 26 June 2012

Lucas:  A lot of the things were already in the  making and predicted.

1- An attack on the Olympics :  The warning is out! What a timing.  Do not let you get into fear about that as it will not happen.  This is via The Times of India:

LONDON: Britain has seen a credible terrorist attack plot about once a year since the Sept.11 attacks – a worrying pattern as security officials brace for an array of threats ahead of next month’s summer Olympics, the head of the country’s domestic spy agency says.

Although Britain’s threat level is a notch below what it has been for much of the past decade, it is still at substantial. The level means an attack is a strong possibility. (Read the whole story or better skip it here: link to original article 26 June 2012)

2- The Supreme Court rulings in the USA : The citizens United ruling now twice confirmed by the Court. This ruling  will have with some other ruling coming out this week  impact on us. This will keep people occupied with the unconstitutionality of it.  But people forget to see the bigger picture of what happens.

3- False flag Syria now via the Turkish military jet shot down  is already being played down.  We will see what is needed to get a new excuse for a world war to start and make their dark prophecies come true in their false believes.  Even though what happens in Syria is to regret.

In the Netherlands,  my home country, they are pulling also trick after trick:

The Dutch Statistics Bureau says now that we had unexpected growth and are out of the recession, oh yeah. The Dutch National Bank  director (our national FED) calls for being thrifty (he really does not want to say the money runs out).  Also the politicians are so obvious in pulling the tricks to get re-elected in september that they now openly are pulling apart the national budget they made in 2 days and should have waited for after the elections to make. This budget was made to make the Euro zone/ECB/EU and IMF happy. Yes, you belief your governments, parliaments, the world and the media still!! Come on!! Be real. You should play liar, liar etc. It is even to obvious that it becomes funny :).

I hope you see the tendencies. See the same tricks pulled on you every time. Wake up. Get it. It is over and we need not fear anymore. We will see soon the remnants of that what was a dark rules world.

We must take our attention to the big meeting of the countries that still want the Agenda 21 and NWO- New World Order  instated. This is what we need to address our attention toward. We also need to think what world of peace and love, harmony and abundance we want to have. That will manifest faster with our thoughts , prayers, visualization and meditation put towards that.


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