Lucas – Be The Warrior Of Peace And Light – 26 June 2012

A call for action is not a call for violence, civil unrest  nor a call for taking up weapons. If we the people are “The Warriors of Peace and Light” we should take up our weapons  of Light. The swords of lights that will bring down the threats of the dark in unconditional love in sending the light to stop the attack and intent of evil and  heal what is broken.

We are the ones that have been given the power to fight the fight without the old paradigm of duality.  We are truly warriors of love.  The way to find your power to defend the world from harm is found in your heart. You will find enough ammunition of love there to shoot down every work of evil and intention with pure love.  So take that action and start meditating, visualising and create the light swords of pure unconditional love that will slay all that is of the old paradigm.  No need for the duality to go on and to take down fear with fear and war with war. We need to proceed peaceful and be resisting with our beings that already are love.

We will bring that way down the dark cabal and fight not their fight, but will create love and light over the planet.  Create in your visualization and meditations the world that we want already manifested. The golden age of unconditional love, abundance and peace in oneness. So if you wanna take action do so with the love and light that is in you. Do not be fooled into the old ways thinking and paradigm it is beginning the cycle over and over. Till we learn to step out of that and fight the fight, if you wanna call it that way, on the level that is required of you. The level of the higher heart source based one of unconditional love and light.

Love and Light,


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  1. My Dear Friend,
    Greetings from the neighbourhood, Germany!

    I´ve come across today.
    Maybe You´re interested:

    Maybe You are familiar with “Star Trek – The Next Generation”:
    Have You ever noticed, how often they said “NO! Thank You!” to the security officer, descendant of a great warrior race, Lt. Worff!?
    Well, of course, Captain Picard very often has to moderate Worff´s fashions, however, he never rebukes the Klingon for his attitudes.

    The warrior´s contribution to community is appreciated as for the security of the whole and the Captain in/ of the Heart is in command.

    Alles: Liebe