Daily Archives: June 26, 2012

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 25 June 2012

What is excitement and what is relaxation? What we would like to discuss with you today, dear ones, are your choices to engage yourselves in either activities and leisure that will lead to feelings of excitement, raised blood pressure, a raised pulse rate and raised awareness of your bodily senses, or will you seek refuse in activities and leisure that will allow your body to rest , to heal and to remain quiet and calm while you soak in energies that are so vital to you for healing, for growth and for the strengthening of your physical vessel which includes the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself as well as the physical compounds of your vessel.  Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Your Vibration Is The Ticket Into The Apple (Pure Wisdom) Tree Of Life! – 25 June 2012

I do believe spirit keeps an ever-growing note-book of every thing we do, experience and glean even thru meditation.  We humans are apt to forget these tremendous moments in time due to the upcoming thousands of other moments in time along the way.  Spirit doesn’t!!

Yesterday, as I was able to take an early morning bath, seems my team took back to my bathtub journeys that occurred in 2004. Continue reading