Visionkeeper – Creating Your Life – 26 June 2012

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The time is here to kick back and reinvent your life if you are headed to the new world. The old way of life obviously is not working so why keep struggling to keep your head above water on a drowning ship? With our liberation from prison through our minds it is now time to kick back and decide just how we want our life to be.

If we could do or be anything what would it be? Where would we be? How would we be? The only thing keeping us trapped in our present day scenarios is each of us refusing to look outside the box and find the courage to reinvent ourselves. Of course if you are liking what you are doing now then by all means stay put and swim onward. I think the majority of my readers know the truth of what is going on in the world and also realize there is a far better life that awaits them if they just open up to it and embrace it. Like the picture suggests, get out the wine and a pad of paper for taking notes and a map of the world and have at it! Ask yourself the tough questions and be honest with your answers, dig deep among the debris within and search for the answers to achieving your meaningful, authentic life.

Think of these times as one where you can dream up your ideal life and then create it. We realize now, having finally come out of the fog, that we can do anything we desire if we just take the steps required to accomplish that. We must now realize that we have love guiding us but we need a total unconditional trust that the universe will provide for us, put us in right places at right times, place people in our path to further our journey, to take stuff away when we are meant to pay attention and provide stuff when it is needed, we have all we need to succeed. There is nothing stopping us from creating the lives we desire except ourselves and our doubts and lack of trust. So take a close look within. Are you lacking trust and belief in yourself and the system of life? If so that is where your work must begin before you can begin creating your new life. Like I said, ask yourself tough questions and be honest!

I feel like many people are running in place like a gerbil on its exercise wheel, just waiting for the changes to come at long last so they can finally be free. Why wait? You can free yourself at any time if you just believe you can do it and do it! It is our choice to unplug the TV and start thinking for ourselves and living from our hearts and doing what WE want to do, not what somebody else is telling us to do. We are the CEO’s of our lives, we direct them and steer them in the direction we wish to go, nobody else! Time to break free and stand up for ourselves and say no, I am not doing it your way any longer! It is up to us who have broken free to show our resistance quickly and quietly so those still under the influence of the mind control have someone to follow and begin to wake up themselves!

We have done enough waiting, waiting gets us nowhere and we have someplace we need to be! It is time to reinvent ourselves and our world. If we don’t want to rebel in the streets and risk arrest, then we can be a rebel quietly by changing our lives and living them the way we want to. If we cut ourselves off from the grid as much as possible we don’t have to rely on the dark ones for our survival. Return to growing your own food, preserving it, saving up money for your own power source, creating a job that brings joy and meaning to your life that supports you and not the dark ones. There are things we can do now while we wait and make life have meaning and purpose again. If you live in the city see if all of the tenants in your building want to go in on solar panels on your roof. Have you asked yet? How about roof top gardening?

We can create our own new worlds for ourselves to live in while we wait. Coming together on websites to confer with like minds is great support, but while we are there visiting, why not be having useful conversations about what kind of changes we can create where we are. It is time we walk our talk and make things happen, usher in the change by example. The beginning of the shift created a need to discuss what was happening and the newness of it all. Well, we know what is happening now and the time for talk is over and the time for action is at hand. We can and we must do this!!! Let’s get busy turning on light bulbs!

Blessings to you all,

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